Workshop: Payment Provider Integration in Ruby on Rails accomplished!

From the life of Codest. Our representatives took part in Ruby on Rails workshops in Warsaw. They were organized by specialists from Spark Academy, which takes care of the development community of specialists working in Ruby on Rails technology. The topic of the workshop was ‘Payment Provider Integration’.

Improving skills and deepening knowledge in case of developer’s work is particularly important. At Codest, we care for the development of our specialists, who take part in many workshops and conferences. In this way, they receive the most recent knowledge and are up to date with all novelties.

This time we went to Warsaw for a workshop organized by Spark Academy. We had an opportunity to explore information in scope of Payment Provider Integration. Knowledge in this area is particularly useful in creating e-commerce platforms where many online transactions occur. During the workshop, we discussed pros and cons of Payment Providers. We tried to develop solutions that would make exchanging money between the client and the company in more effective and safe way.

Such workshops are always a good place to learn new things and exchange experiences with other participants. Moreover, when the subject matter concerns e-commerce platforms which we have to deal with quite often. I am glad that I had a possibility to take part. I intend to use the acquired knowledge in my daily worksummed up Piotr Mańkowski, Ruby Developer at Codest.

At Codest, we are happy to support similar development initiatives of the Ruby on Rails community. In cooperation with the Code Sensei programming school, we organize trainings for people who want to learn programming. You can read more about it here.

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