5 facts why UX design is a crucial in software development projects

Why UX design is crucial in software development projects? Maybe you have asked yourself this question at one time. UX design is an integral part of projects related to software development. It ensures a higher quality of projects and affects the satisfaction of its recipients. In this article, you will learn, why exactly UX design is crucial in software development and why it should not be overlooked.

UX design affects user satisfaction

Even the best software with a high-quality code will not do the job without the right UX. If you’re trying to attract new users, you need to make sure that they feel comfortable with your product. It should be intuitive, understandable and legible for the recipient.

Let’s give a simple example. Do you know that, when loading a website or a web application, one second of delay causes a decrease in user satisfaction by up to 17%? Therefore, remember – UX of your product is very important, as in this way you build the credibility of your brand. Thanks to this, you also have a better chance that the user will come back to you in the future (customer loyalty), and they will have some nice associations with your brand.

What is the mean of UX?

UX design is a bigger ROI

For example, if you run an e-commerce platform, you know quite well how important ROI (Return on Investment) is to your business. UX design is one of the ways to increase it. If your users navigate the website or the web application without any problems, each subsequent process is clear and understandable, the chance that he or she will decide to buy it will increase. And even if they don’t, there will always be a chance to reach it back using remarketing. Whether UX will be effective or not is also decided by UX and associations with the brand.

So what is the punch line? An effective UX is a bigger ROI, and as a result, it contributes to business growth.

UX design allows you to stimulate user behavior

The right UX design will allow you to influence user behavior. Here’s an example. If at your store, there is a user watching a product that they can potentially buy – you must assist them. The system of your website or application should prompt the user to take further steps and, in this way, stimulate their behavior.

UX will support SEO

I think every company – whether it works in the e-commerce industry, Adtech or Fintech is focused on making their products as easy as possible to find on the web. It cares much of the SEO. One of the factors that Google is referring to is the UX of the page. It turns out that Google analyzes user behavior. It checks how much time they spent in a given place, the number of sessions they made and whether they decided on other engaging steps. On this basis, among other things, it decides on the value of a website or a web application.

UX has affects on brand

UX affects the strength of your brand

If your product meets all the most important principles of UX design, there is a good chance that it will be positively evaluated by a customer. From this article, you must already know that it can positively affect the satisfaction of customers, who may decide to come back to you in the future. UX design will also contribute to the growth of your business and thus increase your ROI.  It will also help you influence user behavior and improve SEO. Last, but not least – your brand’s strong position on the market. Good UX design positions the brand in customers’ opinions. It enables to do so thanks to positive feelings and experiences and the clients are willing to return and recommend you to the others.

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