Why React is so popular technology?

Since the React technology, an open JavaScript library source, was created it has gained great popularity among developers. React, designed by Facebook, is used to make rich and engaging web applications. Its features make programmers’ work become faster and way more effective. So why React is so popular technology?

This became possible due to the code’s minimization. The main assumption of the technology is to ensure the highest possible rendering performance. React focuses on individual components. This gives developers an opportunity to spread complex interfaces into simpler components. That was also the intention of Facebook, that wanted to allow the re-usage of a code. The effects turned out to be effective. Currently, React is probably the most popular JavaScript language library. What exactly affects its popularity? We will explain.

JSX syntax

One of the most characteristic features of React is a unique JSX syntax. It allows you to use the syntax of HTML tags components rendering. This helps to build an application code and increases its readability. Thanks to this, developers can easily build new user interface functions and display them in real time. JSX divides UI / UX into simpler components, which makes them more intuitive.

In other words, React allows you to create applications with a better user interface, which, in turn, increases the level of customer satisfaction.

Speed and efficiency

React uses Virtual Home, which makes the application really fast. Due to its ability to detect changing data it helps programmers choose the right time to render or integrate some of the Document Object Model fragments. The user interface reacts instantly, which affects an overall satisfaction when using the application.

Regarding the speed of application, it should also be noted that the React technology community provides developers ready-to-use components for download, which also affects the acceleration of work related to the application’s construction.

Simply – popularity

React is often considered to be the future of network development. According to public statistics, it is estimated that this technology is used by over 1,500 programmers and nearly 100,000 websites around the world. It is not without significance that the community supporting React is developing dynamically. There are many sources available on the web that help developers get started with React or solve possible problems. React is quite popular among others in the United States.


When it comes to the web applications development React is undoubtedly the technology of future. It provides effective solutions that not only make an application more effective, but also facilitate the developers’ work. There is no doubt that Facebook supports React. It is in a sense a guarantee that in the near future the use of this technology may only increase.

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