Why quality in software development is key?

Quality in software development. Software houses are dynamically developing, acquiring new customers and new markets, face the challenge of finding a balance between the quality of software projects and business growth. Very often it is difficult to combine those two issues with each other. Meanwhile, quality in software projects plays a key role.

We faced a similar challenge in Codest and in this article we are going to share with you our experience. We have been operating on the market for over 10 years. We have already worked with clients from many European countries. Each of them had different requirements, preferences, approaches to cooperation, but what they had in common was the general perception of code quality as conditions, determining the level of satisfaction with our services.

What is the best way to maintain the quality of software development?

At Codest, we start with the recruitment process. Finding qualified and experienced developers is not easy, but it is a prerequisite for a successful implementation of software projects. Only when you work with specialists, you are able to achieve success. However, just building the right recruitment system that will allow developers to work with you is not the only determining factor.

Verification is extremely important in the recruitment process. Thanks to the good work of our HR department, we constantly receive many offers and queries from developers. We know, therefore, that the correct choice is utterly important. Before we start further cooperation negotiations with the developer, we verify the quality of a sample code written by them at the very beginning.

On this basis, we are able to figure out whether the candidate actually requires sufficient skills. We can say that this is our key to success. In this way, we can eliminate later problems, and the newly acquired developer can start working for our clients without any problems.

recruitment IT

With full confidence, we can say good recruitment provides a smart growth and stable business”. That’s what our recruitment motto sounds like and we are convinced that this is the right way. To prove this, it’s just enough mentioning that over 10 years we have not lost any client. On the contrary – they praise us for the quality work. Mittmedia, the largest Media Group in Sweden – is the best example. You can read more about their evaluation of our work HERE.

Why does quality matter?

Qualitative work, high-quality code, effective project implementation – all this affects customer satisfaction. Need proofs? Here they are:

“From the beginning of our cooperation Codest showed its being highly specialized in Ruby on Rails. We discovered that we could work in a very good way. Both, when it comes to development and strategic business issues”Thomas Sungren, Head of platforms and strategic partnerships at Mittmedia from Sweden.

“Cooperation with Codest turned out to be a good solution for us – both cost-effective and highly-qualified. I must admit that Codest provides us with qualified professionals who do their work without any complaints. They carry out their tasks with highest efficiency” Giedrius Rimkus, Engineering Manager at Kesko Senukai Digital from Lithuania.

“We have been cooperating with Codest for many years at many projects. We treat Codest as ‘first choice developer’, as they perfectly understand that such cooperation should be treated comprehensively and very seriously” Greg Kubrakiewicz, Chief Technology Officer at Yieldbird from Poland.

Happy Clients

We want to grow fast, but at the same time – smart. Is software business all about growth? We do not agree with that point. We always want to increase our quality and that is why our clients stay with us. Quite simple, right?

Finally, we will present yet another example. When we talk to potential clients about cooperation, their biggest concerns are always related to two factors – quality and remote cooperation. Companies are afraid that software houses will not meet their expectations, which is why they often invest in their own in-house teams, which, however, is associated with much higher expenses. Is a lack of trust a problem? Perhaps. Nevertheless, when a company thinks about a failure in cooperation with a software house, it is pretty difficult for it to make decisions of any re-cooperation with another partner.

Which is quite understandable. Such situations once again show us why quality is so important. In addition, it should be remembered that quality is understood not only as high-quality code, but also effective remote cooperation, understanding the client’s business needs and being a real PARTNER.

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