Why is Ruby on Rails becoming a popular trend on E-commerces nowadays?

When you hear “web application”, you immediately associate it with Ruby on Rails (RoR)? Being really impressed by the dynamic development of this framework, we have noticed as well that Ruby on Rails is becoming a popular trend on E-commerces nowadays.

From our previous articles, you could find out what Ruby on Rails is, how proper software development can stimulate the growth of e-commerce market and learn about big brands that use it. Now, it is time to answer for the question, why is Ruby on Rails becoming a popular trend on e-commerces nowadays.

RoR is tailor-made for web applications

Ruby on Rails is the most popular framework for the Ruby programming language and is used to create web applications. Thanks to automation of many activities, it greatly simplifies the work of developers and at the same time shortens the time of specific product functionalities implementation. Ruby on Rails is therefore an excellent choice when creating eCommerce platforms, because the MVP (Minimum Value Product) can be made in a relatively short time.

So, it accelerates the launch of your eCommerce. The companies, which we have had an opportunity to cooperate with, appreciate this advantage. Developers can provide their client with a product based on basic functionalities that can be implemented on the market and check their potential. Later on, there are no obstacles to making any changes and improving them. All of this ensures the flexibility of the Ruby on Rails framework.

2. Reliability and time savings

Ruby on Rails is characterized by a very high quality. At the development stage many tests that affect the reliability of the product are carried out. This is utterly important as later you do not have to waste time making additional corrections and you can focus on further software development.
This framework also provides time efficiency. It was mentioned, when discussing MVP. The Ruby on Rails developer community is convinced that the first functionalities of the application can be achieved much faster than in the case of frameworks associated with other programming languages.

3. Famous brands

The Ruby on Rails framework is increasingly used by the largest brands to create web applications. Examples? Twitter, AirBnB, Basecamp, Groupon, Github or Slideshare. These are just a few of a much larger number, however these brands are the best proof that Ruby on Rails is simply effective. We work with many developers on a daily basis, who are concerned that currently there is no better framework dedicated to web applications than Ruby on Rails. Of course the opinions are subjective, but they show a clear tendency for the increasing popularity of the Rails framework.

4. Growing network of developers

The Ruby on Rails support community is developing dynamically. Groups and blogs with experienced developers help to solve current issues in a fast and reliable way. The constant exchange of knowledge ensures the growth of new specialists in this framework.

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