Why do Nordics companies choose CEE for software development?

Central and Eastern Europe, including polish software houses and their skilled developers, is an attractive direction for many companies that are looking for software development partners. The trend is quite noticeable in the Nordic countries. Why is like that? We will explain this phenomenon on the example of our case study with Mittmedia.

To understand the benefits that companies from the Nordic countries achieve in cooperation with polish software houses, we can use our experience. Since 2015, we have been cooperating with a well-known media group in Sweden – Mittmedia. It is one of the largest media groups in central Sweden, issuing eighteen daily newspapers, twelve free newspapers, broadcasting through radio and Web TV and running various digital projects.

Case study with Mittmedia

Codest developers were responsible for building a tool that would book ads targeting different audiences. We were using Ruby on Rails as the backend language and JavaScript for the frontend.

– We needed a help in building a new platform to be used by our sellers to create business growth. With this tool, our traiders can sit with customers and set up ad campaigns. Since we didn’t have in-house resources back then, we needed a good partner – says Thomas Sundgren.

Looking for a partner to implement the project, Mittmedia decided to choose a software house from CEE, as development services in this area retain cost effectiveness and high quality of services. This distinguishes it from the Scandinavian countries and makes these European countries an attractive market.

– Codest’s nuanced understanding of industry needs, fluid communication and high reliability make them a valuable partner. I can strongly recommend this approach added Sundgren.

What are the benefits of choosing Europe for software development?

The example of our cooperation with Mittmedia is just one of many that confirms that in Europe the IT services market enjoys good reputation and interest from the Nordic countries. In addition to the aforementioned cost-effectiveness, clients can remain confident about the efficient implementation of projects – both in case of communication aspects and deadlines. There are many specialists in Poland. It is estimated that an average developer has an experience of 7.6 years. This is the third result in all of Europe. Interestingly, every fourth programmer from Central and Eastern Europe works in Poland.

European software houses have also developed effective communication with their clients over the years. English language is widely used and most developers work according to the popular Scrum methodology. In addition, CEE is developing very dynamically in terms of technology. Apart from the Scandinavian countries, more and more companies from the USA are taking decision to cooperate with Europe’s software houses.

– Codest is doing a great job. Though we work remotely, we have a really good communication with their team. They understand our business and stick to the schedule. They are loyal and hardworking. Plus, they’re open-minded when it comes to finding solutions. They often know the best direction for our product summed up Thomas Sundgren, who confirmed the attractiveness of the European market as well.

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