Based on many years of experience in implementing IT projects in Codest, we have developed an effective working system that helps us to create products that meet our clients’ the expectations with the highest efficiency. One of our system’s key elements is a proper communication. Thanks to it, we know how to recognize the needs of our partners and implement projects with high quality.

“First of choice developer”

One of the examples illustrating the way we organize communication with a client is our cooperation with the Yieldbird company. It is a global ad optimization company with a strong background in programmatic ecosystem. Codest’s software engineers have developed an extensive analysis of analytic and growth hacking Yieldbird teams’ needs.

– We have been cooperating with Codest for many years on many projects. We treat Codest as ‘first of choice developer’, as they perfectly understand that such cooperation should be treated comprehensively and very seriously. In IT projects, misunderstandings can lead to huge losses, because the work is relatively expensive and the effect is often not immediately visible. The Codest team pays great attention to ensuring that it understands the issue which will be implemented. Believe me, this attitude pays off in the future – says Grzegorz Kubrakiewicz, the Head of Technology at Yieldbird.

Speed of action

Codest developers had to write a software which would automate and improve concept of AdX optimization in two ways: either by automation and increasing the scale, or by using more complex algorithms that would be better than a human. We managed to get the first software functionalities in a very short time. We have created a working product, which we gradually developed afterwards.

This approach has been met with great customer satisfaction. When he started cooperation, they did not expect that in such a short time they would receive ready-made first functionalities. However, this would not be possible without the proper communication. Before our developers started their work, they had learned the specifics of our client’s industry and its needs in advance. During the project, the client was fully informed of the working progress. Having any doubts or comments, he could pass them on to the project leader.

– I appreciate that Codest pays great importance to the agile methodology. The point is not in their using scrum artifacts or holding meetings. What I mean is that they are trying to organize work on a project in such a way that they actually deliver a product that is working as quickly as possible and then improve it in every subsequent iteration. It was utterly important in case of our project. We must constantly test prototypes, which is why frequent and good communication between us is crucial – adds Grzegorz Kubrakiewicz from Yieldbird.

Lever of success

Many years of experience in the IT industry have allowed us to understand the importance of proper communication in the effective projects implementation. Thanks to this we have managed to optimize the time of work performed by our developers, as well as improve the quality of cooperation with the clients. One of our main assumptions is a quality of work that affects customer’s satisfaction. We are convinced that this approach is desirable to our partners and also leads to the fact that more and more companies want to establish cooperation with us.