Whilst the Silicon Valley is considered to be the world’s capital of startup, the entrepreneurship of innovative organizations is also rapidly developing in other regions of the world, such as Scandinavia and Europe. The number of startups priced at over one milliard USD is constantly growing there year by year.
Interestingly, many startups make a decision to outsource their IT processes to Poland. Why is this happening and which locations are the most attractive for entrepreneurs? We have dug it up a bit specially for you.
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Spotify, one of the largest and most developmental startups in the world, has been founded in Sweden. Its capital is estimated at over USD 250 million and millions of people use this music service. The success of Spotify only confirms the huge potential of this region in the world. Also startups such as Minecraft and Candy Crush Saga were created in this country.

Another good example is Norway, that is considered to be one of the largest startup markets. A popular Opera web browser has been created there. Without a doubt, Scandinavia is distinguished by good conditions for both functioning and development of innovative businesses. It’s quite interesting that many local startups decide to outsource their IT processes to Poland. For Scandinavian startups, this looks like a convenient solution that is related to cost efficiency and high quality of services provided by polish software houses.


The startup market is also thriving in Europe. Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain are among the European leaders. According to experts, more and more investors want to invest their financial resources in European startups and consequently – stimulate their development. This occurs mainly due to the fact that there is a greater availability of workforce in Europe, and above all – qualified programmers. The same as in Scandinavia, it is getting more trendy to outsource the IT processes to Poland.

Other locations

We can also include those in the Middle East and Asia as effectively developing markets. For example, in the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv, they already have over a thousand startups, and such global companies as Facebook or Google have their centers there. Many events are hold there to that stimulate the development of startups and attract potential investors. The startups’ successes are certainly appreciated by polish developers who, thanks to a prominent reputation, can count on establishing further cooperation.

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