What should you know about Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is the most popular framework of the Ruby’s programming language. It is mostly used to create web applications. The fact that applications such as Twitter, Basecamp and Groupon have been created on its basis were already written here. In this article, we will try to bring its most characteristic features closer.


RoR is an open source framework based on databases according to the MVC (Model-View- Controller) pattern. Developers, who use it on an everyday basis praise its simplicity. In fact, the database and the web server are more than enough to run an application. Thanks to the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) rule, developers avoid repeating the same work at various stages of an application development and thus significantly accelerate their work. One shouldn’t forget another important method – Convention over Configuration. It assumes that the necessary configuration will be minimized by replacing it with ready-made models.

In addition, you need to return the ease of an application development. Thanks to the appropriate plugins, it can be extended very quickly with any additional functionalities. The great advantage of applications created in Ruby on Rails is also the fact that they are very efficient and safe.

Short way to MVP

Many companies decide to implement their product on the market, which is based on MVP (Minimum Value Product). It is a popular and effective method of checking the product’s potential on the market and improving it later in case it is needed. In this process, RoR is perfectly located. This framework allows very fast creation of a basic product containing the most important functionalities that a customer can verify on the market. In this way you can save time and thanks to good cooperation with developers, you can modify the product without any problems.


In the developers’ environment, that use Ruby on Rails on a daily basis, the framework is considered to be designed for the development of web applications. It is used by the largest brands, but also smaller companies that rely on e-commerce sales, create online communities or manage different content. From the point of view of a customer who is interested in creating a product, the credibility of specific software is very important. In the case of RoR, this is a factor determining its popularity. The success of Twitter or Basecamp would not be possible without the reliability and comprehensiveness of the created software.

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