What is the role of a Scrum Master in software development projects?

Being a person, who facilitates team work and makes sure that the implemented project is developing in accordance with the client’s expectations, a Scrum Master becomes an extremely important part of a team. Especially when it comes to projects related to software development.  Still, what exactly do they do?

Who is a Scrum Master in software development projects?

Scrum Master’s role is not always understood by people. Often, this position is wrongly taken for a Project Manager. First of all, let’s explain, who a Scrum Master is and what their responsibilities are.
In reference to the Scrum Guide, the role of a Scrum Master is to maintain the principles of the Scrum methodology in the project. It is a person who helps to understand the other members of a team the rules that work within the group. They work closely with a Product Owner and supervise the course of project work. In general – a Scrum Master is concerned that the course of work takes place in accordance with the Agile terminology.
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Scrum Master

By specifying the scope of Scrum Master’s competences in more detail, we can distinguish that they:

– define the principles of communication in a team and make sure that they are respected,
– supervise the work of a Product Owner – they make sure that a project is proceeding in accordance with the adopted goals and values,
– work on continuous improvement of the team work,
– popularize and prepare good work practices for team members,
– eliminate threats to the project,
– react in crisis situations.
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Why is this role so important?

A Scrum Master is not directly a member of the team. One can say that they oversee everything from the side and supervise that the work is proceeding as planned, which, in turn, ensures stability and efficiency. Projects related to software development tend to be very complicated. A team must be really well organized so that it can work effectively. The aspect of communication with a client is also important.
The lack of Scrum Master’s presence could lead to chaos or even emergence of conflict situations, which may threaten the project. In addition, a Scrum Master is a support for the development team.
Here’s a simple example. There’s a team that creates a problem resulting from a lack of access to technology or equipment (for example to conduct tests). In this case, the role of a Scrum Master is to respond appropriately and quickly eliminate obstacles. Thanks to their presence, the whole team should feel comfortable when working and they will be sure that the project’s development path is right.


If a software development project runs in accordance with the Scrum methodology, based on Agile principles, a Scrum Master’s role will be utterly important – almost invaluable. Thanks to it, you can be sure that the project is going to be implemented efficiently and without any delays or other unforeseen problems.
It should also be remembered that being a Scrum Master is a job for a person, who knows not only Agile and Scrum but also has soft skills – such as communication skills, negotiation or conflict resolution. It is also an inseparable element of work.
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