What is React js. and why is it framework so popular?

Many developers consider React js. to be the most popular JavaScript (JS) programming language library. It is used to create graphical interfaces for web applications. In this article, we will present its most characteristic features and examples of application.

In previous publications you had an opportunity to check what the Vue js. framework is and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript. Now it’s time for React js. – so much praised and appreciated by developers. Let’s start with the question, where does its popularity come from? In principle, the answers can be given in one word. It’s all about versatility. Developers praise this library for the lack of restrictions and freedom at work. That’s just the title of the introduction and now it’s time to know its detailed specifics.

Basic information

Creating applications in React js. consists of building and composing further components. This is a very simple definition that shows the way it works. It should be emphasized that this library is responsible only for the view of the application. Therefore, this is not a type of MVC – Model – View – Controller.

React js., in context of the other JavaScript frameworks, is distinguished by a declarative code. Once written, a component can be re-used in future. It is enough to import it using the appropriate code. This code is very fast as it is supported by Virtual DOM. Thanks to it, rendering in the browser is significantly accelerated.

Developers also appreciate the opportunity to access broad communities that not only grant technical support, but also provide ready-made solutions. In addition, the coding in React js. comes as relatively pleasant. It’s enough to get to know this library to see it for yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other library or framework React js. has its pros and cons. The advantages include using the library on both client’s and server’s sides. Let us mention that React js. can be used simultaneously with other frameworks, which undoubtedly contributes to the advantages. What else? First of all, the fact that the components and data patterns provide high readability of the code and thus facilitate the work with large applications.

In turn, much less can be said when it comes to defects. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that React js. supports only the view layer. That is why to make a complete set of data for creating applications it is necessary to use another technology. From the developer’s point of view, the problem may also be placing “inline” forms and using JSX, which is not understandable for programmers who have not had an access to this library before.

Application examples

Such services as Netflix, PayPal, Facebook, Instagram, Udemy and Gamepedia were created using React js. The list undoubtedly looks impressive. These examples can only confirm that the popularity of the library is fully justified. React js. it is not only effective, but also very functional.

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