What is Codest and how do we work? Let’s give an answer!

We are fans of modern technologies, our team is a bunch of real geeks, but above all we strive for development. If you’re wondering, what Codest is and how we work, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will try to reveal the backstage of our activity. Welcome!

Codest some time ago…

Codest is a dynamically growing polish software house that has been operating on the market for around 10 years. Our beginnings date back to the first projects we carried out for Yieldbird. This is how our history on the programming services market began. Our team initially consisted of a dozen people or so and the headquarters of the company were located Krakow.

– We did not suppose that we would become a real software house. Initially, our team included only a few people and we executed small orders for our clients. However, we understood that the IT industry had a great potential. We decided that it was time to take advantage of it and focused on development. And that’s how it all began recalls the Chief Operating Officer in Codest, Jakub Jakubowicz.

Codest today …

After 10 years, the structure of our company has changed. We started to develop and acquire new projects. Our team is constantly growing and currently it has more than 100 employees. We have two headquarters – in Krakow and Warsaw. We specialize in Ruby and JavaScript. However, our team is not developers only. We employ team leaders, UX / UI designers and dynamically develop the sales and marketing department. We want to grow constantly and at the same time take care of our existing customers’ satisfaction.

– We have worked hard to find ourselves where we are now. It would not be possible if it were not for the people surrounding us. We have a really fantastic team that does a great job. But we do not wish to stop and we set really ambitious goals. In 2019, Codest wants to increase by 100%. It will not be easy, but I believe that we will manage says Jakubowicz.

Our projects

Codest operates on the international market, but we also execute projects for clients from Poland. So far, we have had an opportunity to cooperate with such brands as Mittmedia (the largest media group in Sweden), Media Com, Helpling, Agora Performance, Sir Local or Gazeta Wyborcza. These are just a few examples. The technology that we use does not change. Ruby and JavaScript are Codest’s leading programming languages.

We implement all our projects in accordance with the Agile approach, using the Scrum methodology popular in IT projects. Our programmers are free to choose their working hours and very often use a possibility of remote work. In this way, we try to create the best conditions for them and make their work as effective as possible. This solution proves to be a success.

– When someone asks me where I see Codest in a few years, I answer that we want our work to continue being considered as qualitative. Then, for sure, we will be able to maintain the upward trend ends Jakub Jakubowicz.

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