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Whether you work with Ruby, JavaScript, or are more interested in DevOps topics, we’ve got something for you. Here are the staff’s top picks of the week.

MJIT Support in Ruby 2.6

By Sudeep Tarlekar @ BigBinary

We’re constantly looking for ways to eke out the last sliver of performance from our code, machines and platforms. We’re therefore very excited about the arrival of JIT-like performance optimizations in Ruby. But what really is MJIT? Read on to find out.


Responsible JavaScript

By Jeremy Wagner

Ever felt like your JS bundle is just a little too big? Jeremy discusses bundle sizes, code execution penalties, older devices and similar trappings of what we’ve come to know as modern JavaScript.


Demystifying Functional Reactive Programming

By Timo Stöttner

It seems like functional programming is all the rage these days, with the rise of languages such as Elixir and the practice gaining an ever-larger following amongst JavaScript developers. What is functional reactive programming though?


The Fargate Illusion

By Lee Briggs

Your Kubernetes cluster got you down? Hearing the siren song of AWS Fargate? Tempted by the promise of easy scalability in seconds? Lee puts forth an honest and captivating comparison of both worlds – and spins a cautionary tale.


Tools we love

– whatthegem – a CLI tools attempting to answer the most common questions one can have about a gem

– ruumba – have Rubocop lint your ERB templates as well as your code

Bonus! Did you get one of those fancy new WPA3-enabled routers? Bad news: WPA3 may be pwnable almost as easily as WPA2. 😢

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