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At Codest, we read a lot. And we’d like to share our top picks with you! Here’s what caught our attention this week.

Dockerizing a Rails application

Author: Lazarus Lazaridis

We run a lot of our workloads through Docker, both in development and production. However dockerizing a fresh new app comes with its own pitfalls and challenges, and it’s always good to have an up-to-date guide laying around. Here’s a handy fresh one.


Turn Your Code into Docker Images with Cloud Native Buildpacks

Author: Terence Lee and Joe Kutner at Heroku

Just in case you’re pressed for time and absolutely cannot spare a while to dockerize your own app, Heroku is releasing their tools for seamlessly moving code into Docker images. It’s an interesting read about a cool piece of tooling.


You Are Not Google

Author: Oz Nova

Here’s an oldie but a goodie, which started a few interesting discussions in the team. This argument for doing things as simply as possible (but not simpler) is still well worth the read – and a reminder that we don’t have to use tools just because they’re cool.


Netlify Dev

Author: Netlify

If you’re using Netlify’s excellent services, you probably know that it’s sometimes hard to figure out what effect your changes will have in production. Ache no more, for Netlify has released a tool to duplicate their platform’s innards locally.


Gimli – Visual Studio Code extension for Front End developers

Author: Gimli

Our frontenders ❤️Visual Studio Code for its excellent support of modern JavaScript. It looks like soon they might have more to love – Gimli is an extension package to enable very rapid iteration on front end concepts. Currently in Kickstarter phase, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on this one.


Bonus! Did you know PostgreSQL has five levels of DEBUG logging? We were surprised!

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