The process of designing a friendly product within UX Design draws its focus on creating useful and functional solutions that will meet the users’ needs. The idea is to make the product as intuitive as possible. Trends related to UX Design are subjects to constant modifications and need to study user’s behavior and preferences. It is important that the product has the highest chance of getting the recipient’s attention. It gives a chance that they may return to using it or perform some interaction in the future. So what should you do to keep the highest UX Design standards? This is the list to check.

1. Simplified navigation

When it comes to making a choice – the less – the better, as an average user will make up their mind much faster. Therefore, the possibility of selecting specific categories (eg. within search engines) should be narrowed down in order to simplify the process of decision making. To set an example: it is assumed that no more than seven subpages should be placed in the menu section, as user’s eyes won’t be able to cover a larger number. Thus, the first seconds are the most important.

2. Video content

A short and interesting video is more likely to grab the viewer’s attention rather than the best photo. Video format affects the imagination of users and draws attention more effectively. In addition, it reflects the sense of the message in much accurate way and allows to present more information in one place. Video brings more value and that makes it more important from the recipient’s perspective.

3. Empty spaces

Information abundance and options available on accessing a given page or application prevent a user a full understanding of how to proceed. The answer to this problem is to minimize and focus attention on a single element. Due to this, making decision becomes much easier. can serve an example.

4. Chatbots

Using chatbots increases a chance of interaction and responsiveness in communication with the client. Through a short conversation with a robot, a user can quickly get the required information and thus save their time.

5. Opening subpages in separate tabs

Opening a link in a new tab is a risky solution as a user loses possibility to return to the base page via the “back” option. Which, in turn, may provoke a user to close all cards. Therefore, it’s better to omit any redirects to any new cards.


UX Design’s success is sometimes determined by the smallest details that may affect the overall perception of the product by its user. The best option is follow the latest trends and know what’s good for the recipient. A well-planned and functional interface is also a high-quality product.