TypeScript. What is it and what is it about?

Recently the TypeScript programming language has become quite popular. In the developers’ environment it is gaining trust and is being used more and more willingly. That is all due to some of its advantages, which this article is actually going to be about. You will learn, what TypScript really is and what kind of opportunities it creates. Get Ready!

What TypeScript actually is?

TypeScript (TS) is an open source programming language created by Microsoft. It is associated with JavaScript (JS) due to its being compiled with it. This means that a code written in TypeScript is automatically translated into JavaScript. Put simply – TS is the ‘overlay’ of JS. Its most important feature is the possibility of static typing and object-oriented programming based on classes. In the context of JavaScript, wording, which is called the TypeScript JavaScript superset, is often used.

What possibilities does it offer?

Previously mentioned ‘overlays’ are created to speed up and facilitate the work of a programmer. Type checking is definitely the biggest advantage of TypeScript. Its usage eliminates many randomly generated bugs that result from unreliable data types. Thanks to this, the programmer can focus on the development of an application and do not waste time unnecessarily on searching and analyzing the resulting errors. In more detail, TypeScript supports header files that add type information to existing JavaScript libraries. In this way, such libraries as jQuery, MongoDB or Node js. can be used without any obstacles. All libraries of finished files can be found in DefinitelyTyped.

The usage of typing is therefore a significant facilitation for programmers. Another advantage of TypeScript is the ability to eliminate lack of consistency between the actual server response and the data format expected by the front-end. In addition, it should be noted that the TS language provides additional capabilities such as classes, interfaces, modules, variable typing, arguments and functions or optional function parameters.

Is TypeScript really a good choice?

Analyzing the broad possibilities and characteristics of the TypeScript language, it is clearly visible that static typing provides many benefits to programmers. The most important advantage is the acceleration of work and the elimination of emerging bugs.

When considering its use, you should remember that TS is supported by many programming environments. Some good examples are IntelliJ and WebStorm. There is also an Eclipse platform that allows you to edit TypeScript files. Of course, the final decision whether to choose TypeScript or not depends on the programmer, but the current market trend shows that the TS is regularly gaining more and more supporters.

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