Surely you’ve heard about podcast many times. If you do not know exactly, what it is and how it works properly – we are here to explain. Well, it is nothing else than the form of an online audio or film publication. Podcasts are most often take a form of regular episodes in which the authors raise various topics.Is it worth it? Definitely yes! Podcasts are above all an unlimited source of knowledge. You can listen to them and watch, while being busy with another activity, saving time in this way. The advantage of podcasts is also the fact that you can find a lot of them on the internet. Depending on the topic you are interested in, you will surely find something tailored to you and your interests.The choice will certainly not be easy, but we decided to present our Top 5 tech podcasts to listen, which we highly recommend to get acknowledged with. So, here is the list.

Accidental Tech Podcast

A real shawl for all the fans of programming and new technologies. You will find here the most interesting information related to programming languages, the latest information about new products on the market and industry news. Its creators have already crossed the number of 300 episodes.


In this podcast Dan Moren and Mikaha Sargent talk about current technological novelties and raise their most important problems. The sections do not lack in special guests – the experts. The advantage of this podcast is the duration of the episodes – none last longer than 30 minutes.


In this particular podcast you will hear about digital devices and learn how they affect and change our lives. You do not need to be programmers or know technologies perfectly. The authors try to make their podcast accessible and understandable for everyone.


Conversations with geeks is what you will find in this podcast. The authors care about the diversity of programs. There is no shortage of specialist knowledge and current news, as well as movies, games and a good dose of humor. In November, the podcast has exceeded the number of 200 episodes.

Mac Power Users

And, finally, we have chosen something for the Apple fans. You will be up to date with everything related to this brand and learn the ways to use the technology offered by Apple, so you will have the chance to become a real expert in the field. It guarantees over 450 episodes.