The approaching end of the year is a good time to plan your activity for the upcoming 2019. There will be no shortage of interesting events related to the IT industry and they are definitely worth participating in. We have checked the ultimate events in both Central and East Europe and written a special guide for you. In our calendar you will find the tech events taking place in the first quarter of 2019.

January, 28th Barcelona – Cisco Live

Events organized by Cisco are related to the personal and professional development of the participants. In Barcelona, topics related to the future of a complex and intuitive IT system will be discussed.

January, 28th Paris – dotSwift

The organizers invite the best and brightest hackers in the ever-expanding Swift community to explore new horizons, which guarantees it to be the bee’s knees event. Among the speakers the representatives of Microsoft or IBM are included. Being the experts with a diverse experience, they will provide the participants with the extended knowledge related to the IT market and not only.

February, 2nd Berlin – Lean Startup Summit Europe

Have you ever heard about Eric Ries? If not, you should check out this American entrepreneur who is the author of The Lean Startup. A conference in Berlin is a great offer for all the startups that can gain invaluable knowledge and experience in the field of agile business management and organization development.

February, 25th Barcelona – Mobile World Congress

The world’s mobile phone industry largest meeting. Various presentations of telephones and new technologies will take place. Mobile World Congress has been organized every year since 1987.

February, 26th Manchester – SqlBits

The largest conference in Europe devoted to people involved in data management. Experts in this field share the latest knowledge, novelties and good practices.

March, 11th Munich – JS Kongress 2019

During this event you will learn the role of Java Script in the development of a modern software. Experts and specialists of this programming language will have an opportunity to learn more about its broad possibilities.

March, 12th Vienna – Open Text Enterprise World 2019 Vienna

A two-day conference devoted to ways and solutions that can help to found an intelligent and developmental enterprise. An ideal event for the CEO and CTO, who can exchange their business knowledge with each other.