The success story of the Nordic and Baltic markets. Why do we love cooperating with those companies?

Nordic and Baltic markets are rich in fast-growing companies. Many of them have great potential and willingness to go global and this is why we like to cooperate with such forward-looking talents. We share with them the same vision for business growth and having common goals is the key for successful collaboration.

We are thrilled to cooperate with some of the largest brands in the Nordics and Baltics. Few remarkable additions to our client portfolio are, for instance, Kesko Senukai Digital from Lithuania and MittMedia from Sweden. These are just few examples of the successful partnership stories we can boast. Based on our experience, in this article, we would like to show you why these markets have such potential and how Codest – as a software house – can help you scale your business.

Nordic and Baltic companies are growing fast

It is a common practice to connect these two markets. When analyzing the situation of companies and startups that are developing in these countries, we see what a rich potential lies in this area.  In previous articles we have analyzed some promising startups from Finland and gave a look to the market in Sweden. If you are interested in a deeper understanding of the economic boost of the region, check out our publications for some interesting facts. The datas collected on the market’s expansion are impressive.

So why do we love cooperating with those companies? Dynamic growth, innovation and broad-mindedness are indeed the factors that make our cooperation worthwhile. In 2019 we started working with Kesko Senukai Digital and after just a few months we have received a well-received, positive feedback from our client:

“Cooperation with Codest turned out to be a good solution for us – both cost-effective and high-quality. I must admit that Codest provides us with qualified professionals, who do their work without any complaints. They carry out their tasks with highest efficiency.” said Giedrius Rimkus, Engineering Manager.

Kesko Senukai Digital

Cooperation is well established

If you’ve ever worked with a software house, you probably know how clear communication affects both efficiency and quality of the project. Our clients also understand and appreciate that, and this is why, from the very beginning, we clearly define the details of our daily cooperation. We organize our work based on Agile and Scrum methodology. It’s a great strategy for a successful project.

Codest has been active in the industry for over 10 years. This allowed us to gain a lot of experience, work with many clients facing and solving various challenging problems. Throughout the years we have noticed the trend of customer dissatisfaction regarding communication issues. At the interview stage, potential customers often present their doubts based on their negative past experiences with software houses where the projects were handled with poor (and sometimes lack of) communication.

To avoid this, we create a custom strategy, observing the competition (who doesn’t?) and paying particular attention to the client’s concerns about proper arrangement of communication. In order to provide full transparency of the working process, we use tools like Jira or Slack, which helps to coordinate efficiently the team work and the proper conversation for better results.

We know our clients’ needs

It may sound too simple in words, but in practice it is not always that obvious. Mutual understanding between the client and the software house is critical. At Codest, thanks to many years of experience dealing with Nordic and Baltic companies, we have adapted our working model to the local standards. We understand the reality of the market. We have adapted and it works.

Codest is reliable software house

We are always open to new ideas. We regularly visit our clients and invite them to our office to check the progress and brainstorm alternative solutions. Personal contact between clients and developers is crucial. We build relationships. We do not work following basic, schematic instructions but we drive innovation through a clear communication of the client needs. We are a reliable partner.

We believe that the synergy created by merging our talents and the Nordic and Baltic forward-thinking companies will create many more success stories.

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