The meeting of Ruby and JavaScript geeks in Cracow. 1st edition of #CodeFlash!

Some time ago, we were wondering how we can integrate the Ruby and JavaScript development environments in Cracow, and then we came up with the idea of organizing a #CodeFlash meeting. Our first-ever tech talk meeting is fast approaching. This is an informal yet substantive meeting that will be conducted by Codest developers. We want to organize a meeting where we can actively discuss our experiences and build a strong community of Ruby and JavaScript developers.

What is #CodeFlash? And why do we want to build a Ruby and JavaScript software development community?

Let us start with the fact that Poland is a great place for the development of programmers. We have repeatedly written about it on our blog. There are a number of well-developed universities and talented programmers who are known for their high-quality work in the country. Cracow is one of the places where the development community is flourishing. Furthermore, European companies often point out that Poland is a prime avenue for software development and that Cracow has the best reputation among Polish cities. Undoubtedly, this is a remarkable phenomenon that shows an enormous potential of the local environment, so we decided to take advantage of it.

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On September 24, 2019, we will organize the first ever Codest tech talk called #CodeFlash. We want to make this event maximally substantive and bring great value to participants. We will invite not only experienced developers but also novice programmers. We also aspire to give everyone a chance to learn something new and listen to the real experts.

Experts is the keyword in this meaning. We have planned three tech talks that will be run by our best developers. They have considerable experience in many projects and have worked in various technologies. The main topic of the meeting will be the Ruby programming language and JavaScript.

The following are the #CodeFlash agenda:

1. Application State in React and Others: MobX and MobX State Tree (Pawel Wal – Tech Architect at Codest)

2. Sorbet: A short guide on how to implement it to a #Rails Project (Tomasz Szkaradek – Ruby Expert at Codest)

3. TypeScript — Is It Worth Trying? (Radosław Bułat – Technology Expert at Codest)

JavaScript software development

Join #CodeFlash

We aim to provide a relaxed environment and loose networking and build relationships at #CodeFlash. What is more, the event has such great interest. Over 100 Ruby and JavaScript geeks will be participating. We strongly believe that, together, we will show Polish power in software development.

If you are interested in Ruby and JavaScript and want to learn more about software development, then join us! For more information and registration at #CodeFlash, please click here. See you on September 24 in Cracow!

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