The hottest UK companies that are conquering the market!

The UK is known for being one of the most attractive markets for business development in Europe. There you can find a lot of interesting startups and companies with international success. We have analyzed over 100 companies and chosen those ones that have already conquered the UK market. Check them by yourself.


Are you looking for the best holiday in the UK or Europe? Snaptrip is a marketplace that will certainly help you. The startup’s founders noticed that, when planning a trip, it may often be quite challenging to find attractive accommodation at a reasonable price. Therefore, Snaptrip is the key to problems of people, who are really into traveling.  The biggest advantage of this marketplace is the possibility of not only finding a satisfying location, but also providing very competitive prices. At the moment Snaptrip has over 60,000 property offers.


An increasingly popular e-commerce platform based in London, SilkFred deals with unique fashion from the best independent brands. They are provided with access to customers, who prefer discovering new collections and brands. Products at SilkFred are relatively cheap and can equally compete with other brands. The founders ensure that the fashion trends, which appear in the store, are consulted with the customers, who recommend the types of products they would like to buy on their website.

UK is a great place for business

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It is a platform that assists in mediating the purchasing process between both the client and the company. Reevoo helps its customers find the right products in accordance with the expectations. Companies, using this platform, can easily reach the customers and figure out the factors determining the choice of their particular brand by this or that client. Reevoo was founded in 2005 by Richard Anson, Ben Griffiths and Guy Logan. Currently, the service is available in over 60 countries and in 30 different languages.


Onfido is a software company that identifies people with a photo-based ID, selfie and artificial intelligence algorithms. Such brands as Revolut, Zipcar or Bitsamp have already used the services provided by the company. Thanks to Onfido, you can easily check the user’s credibility without any need for long and tedious verification. The service was founded in 2012 by a group of students from Oxford University.

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Charlie is an HR software that helps companies manage their teams. This tool offers such features as:

– employees’ base management,

– employee’s performance assessment,

– engagement surveys,

– company’s structure development,

– onboarding / offboarding,

– reporting.

Charlier is mainly suitable for smaller companies. The founders’ goal is to automate a number of processes related to the HR area. In this way, company managers can save time and concentrate on other responsibilities.

Make It cheaper

Make it cheaper

If you run a business and in search of savings, you should check a Make It Cheaper offer. It is a platform that helps you compare specific services’ offers from several companies and to choose the most attractive ones. In this way, clients, using Make It Cheaper, can generate real savings. Just go to the website, inform your needs and … wait for information. Make IT Cheaper experts will conduct research and help you choose just the best service offer.


Would you like to take thorough care of your health? Thriva will definitely come in handy. Its founders ensure that there is no simpler way to control your health. The platform provides various progress packages that help monitor your body condition and improve well-being. Thriva is not only a cost-effective and user-friendly solution but also a useful tool that allows for avoiding queues.

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