Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. The hardest thing about data encryption (15)

Some things in programming are just hard. Like dates – implementing your own date library from scratch would be an absolute nightmare. But if bugs with dates can be bad bugs with encryption can be catastrophic. Find a discussion of the hardest thing to get right in the context of data encryption and much more below.

“No way to prevent this”, says only development community where this regularly happens

By Sebastian K

Hot on the heels of yet another NPM package takeover leading to pulling in malicious code, crashed deployments and all-around nastiness, followed the usual excuses. That’s how NPM works, there’s no way to prevent this. One developer disagrees.

The CSS background-image property as an antipattern

By Andrew Welch

There are legitimate uses for using background-image. But using it also has several downsides (accessibility being the big one for me). Find out all about it in this article.

Fast Software, the Best Software

By Craig Mod

Sometimes the best software is not the one with most features or allowing the most complex workflows. It’s the fastest software that feels best. Here’s a discussion of how speed affects usability and more.

An interactive GraphQL editor and tutorial


Starting out with GraphQL can be a bit daunting. Personally, I learn best by doing, so interactive tutorials are kind of my jam. I wholeheartedly recommend this one if you want to start out with GraphQL easily.

The Hardest Thing About Data Encryption

By Randall Degges

Cryptography is hard. Symmetric or asymmetric? Of course you want asymmetric, but then you get into fun stuff like key management… and so on. This write-up by Okta goes rather in depth and we highly recommend it.

Bonus! Our very own Arkadiusz Buras is a home automator extraordinaire. Read about everything that goes into his setup.

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