The best sites for UX design’s inspiration

Interesting and inspiring websites are one of the most important sources of knowledge for all the people involved in UX design. Keeping up to date with current novelties and trends is the responsibility of a good UX designer. Currently, the network can offer a lot of interesting sites devoted to this subject. We have decided to choose a few of them and present their specificity closer.

UX Magazine

It is the best place for all the people, who are real geek of user experience. This page is created by a free community, which resource explores all the facets of an experience design. Shared graphics are a great way to get inspiration and develop your own projects. It is worth noting that, apart from various types of graphics, there is a section with industry-specific articles that allows UX users to keep up with all the latest news.

Design Shack

Every day, a lot of people use this blog – agency employees or specialists involved in the professional design of web sites are among them. Design Shack offers an access to a vide source of knowledge, which consists of such sections as inspirations, layouts, mobile and others.

Smashing Magazine’s UX Design Category

Here you will find content in the form of articles that present current industry news related to web, mobile or software. This is a good source of knowledge, as the articles are rich with valuable information provided by experts with experiences in UX design.

UX movement

It is a blog with articles presenting the most important trends and news related to UX design. There in no time you can verify your own idea for the project or supplement it with inspirational ideas proposed by the authors of the texts.

UX Myths

Quite a specific, but really interesting and useful website. Its premise is to refute all myths and errors associated with UX design. There are dozens of common beliefs that experts consider to be incorrect.

DesignModo UX

A place devoted to UX elements that allow you to keep such projects as aesthetic, business or retaining elements related to the psychology of a recipient. This is certainly a good source of knowledge for both beginners and more experienced ones. Like with on the other websites mentioned above, on DesignModo UX, expert articles make the most important part of the content.

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