The best global tech events in Q3 2019. Why is it worth attending conferences?

The beginning of the quarter is always a good time to plan your participation in conferences or other industry events in your calendar. I try to participate regularly in such events, because they are undoubtedly a great source of knowledge and networking.

In this article, I will share with you my short list of the most -promising technology conferences in the third quarter. But first, I would like to explain why – from my perspective – it is worth participating in such events.

I will give you a simple example. In 2019, I took part in three tech conferences. I planned more, but unfortunately, my time did not allow for this. However, I have achieved my goals. I really wanted to get to know inspiring people and companies and have a chance to discover new ideas. My goals are done. I am convinced that even the best-written article can’t replace a live meeting with people who have achieved success in life and have many interesting things to share. In addition, participating in these industry conferences is an excellent opportunity to expand your networking. Contacts are a very important thing, right?

All right. That was my brief introduction. Now it’s time for me to share with you my short list of the five best and most interesting tech events in Q3 2019.


Wise Punk

date: 12 July

location: Barcelona, Spain

What is it about? 400 passionate entrepreneurs and creatives in one place.  This one-day conference is for founders and anyone else who wants push their own business to growth. The program includes live interviews, networking and the chance to meet inspiring people. The organizers provide great and effective opportunities without boring PowerPoint presentations and round tables. Sound interesting?

Speakers: David Okuniev (Typeform), Sacha Michaud (Glovo), Konrad Bergstrom (X Shore), Amir Salihefendić (Todoist), Lupina Iturriaga (fintonic), Pedro Magriço (hotjar), Gerard Compte (FindThatLead), and others.

UX and Digital Design Week

date: 12-16 August

location: London, UK

What is it about? This conference is a good opportunity to get to know C-levels from the industry find inspiration and seek out ideas on how to build the best team of designers. You will also discover secrets that affect the success of a product and make people want to use it. These are just a few of the advantages of attending this conference. In general, it is a good opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of UX design.

Speakers: Jonny Burch (Progession app), Morgane Peng (Societe Generale), Ruby Steel (Smart Design), Andy Thornton (Clearleft), and others.

Business of Software Conference USA

date: 16-18 September

location: Boston, USA

What is it about? Learn about scaling SaaS and Software businesses from expert speakers and smart attendees. This is a three-day meeting of software entrepreneurs who share their knowledge and experience. BoS targets those in the ‘scale up’ stage of their business – companies ready to take the leap into growth.

Speakers: Teresa Torres (Product Discovery Coach), Rita McGrath (professor at Columbia Business School), Sunish Gupta (CEO & Founder, EasyAlliance & Northeastern University), Alex Osterwalder (CEO/Founder, Strategyzer), Matt Wensing (Founder, Riskpulse), April Dunford (Founder, Ambient Strategy), and others.

business of software

CIO 100

date: 19-21 October

location: Colorado, USA

What is it about? This is a meeting of global IT leaders and CIOs who will share their knowledge and insights about future business growth. Over 300 participants will take part in the conference. The main topics covered include customer/client/customer engagement, digital business and workplace issues, Agile and DevOps transitions and cyber security/ risk management.

Speakers: Robert Carter (FedEx), Zack Hicks (Toyota), Vince Kellen (University of California), and others.

B2B Rocks

date: 12 September

location: Paris, France

What is it about? The leading European conference for B2B and SaaS startups. The format is a series of 20-minute speeches by speakers, founders, C-level people, experts and Venture Capitalists. If you are looking for business inspiration or you want to build networks, consider taking part in this event.

Speakers: Tricia Miller (Twilio), Mirko Novakowic (Instana), Anne de Kerckhove (Freespee), Alison Murdock (Social Chorus), and others.

Hope, to see you there!

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