Technology trends in 2019. What’s new?

In 2019, popularity of technological breakthroughs is not expected to grow. Though, experts predict further intense development of current trends. This includes, among others, IT outsourcing, AI and digital transformation. What else is there? Check on your own.

More IT outsourcing

In 2019, we should expect an upward trend in IT processes outsourcing. Essentially, this trend has been developing for some time, but it should grow even further in the coming time. Why? Outsourcing involves a lot of benefits. First of all, it is a real cost saving. External teams are made up of experienced programmers, who improve the quality of developed products with their work.
Another thing is the increase of comfort. Currently, it is not profitable for companies to create their own in-house teams. As a rule, such process is pretty long and complicated.
Meanwhile, many companies, that offer their outsourcing services, are available on the market. Cooperation can be established very quickly and thanks to this projects – if necessary – can be developed immediately.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

It is estimated that 5 out of 6 Americans currently use artificial intelligence, that is most often used in applications or other intuitive devices. Artificial intelligence helps to automate processes and make decisions. Business can quite a good example. Artificial intelligence will be great in business risk or financial management.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, one accelerates their daily activities, which previously took a lot of time. Development of this field has its cons as well. Experts warn that by 2030 the further progress of artificial intelligence may lead to unemployment of more than 70 million people.

Network security

In recent years the problem of cybercrime in network has become particularly evident. Many large corporations and institutions are trying their best to fight it. Newer solutions are being developed to response effectively to hacker activities.
In 2019, further intensified work on cybercrime can be expected. Experts predict that newly implemented solutions can reduce its negative effects by up to 20%.

Increased role of digitization

Development of the 5G network, decrease in blockchain interest or improvement of the user service process through chatbots. These are just a few examples confirming that digitization will continue to be pretty dynamic.

The popular term “digital transformation” will be still valid. Experts assure that digitization is going to become an inseparable part of people’s lives.

Cloud computing

Already 8 of 9 companies want to use clouds that create numerous opportunities related to data storage in network. They enable to exclude purchasing any special software and licenses. Now a user only needs to pay for the purchase of a specific service without incurring any additional costs.
It is estimated that companies using cloud computing save up to 10% -20% of IT-related costs in the whole year. What’s more, the development of this field is possible thanks to involvement and support of this field of knowledge by many significant organizations and institutes dealing with development.

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