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    Head of Space Station

    Jakub's speciality is creating something out of nothing - both in Codest and in the kitchen. This world-class programming chef prepares the tastiest, healthiest and world class meals with his team. He is also a lover of unplanned journeys with a backpack, playing squash and basketball.

  • Radek

    Undoubtful Ruby Maestro

    "Any problem with Ruby? Ask Radosław" — this is a common saying in Ruby coders' environment. In his work and after-hours he explores world of technology, teaches others and solves the most complex coding issues. Occasionally plays squash.

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  • Tomek

    Multitasking Astronaut

    Tomek is a traditionalist who loves simplicity. This nice amiable guy never complains and is always helpful - and the high skill he owns makes it a lot to share! His calm, kind attitude and caring nature makes peace in the office, but nobody ever knows whether he is making a joke or talking seriously.

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    Leading Astronaut

    Tomek likes challenges and he is very happy and proud when manages to solve a hard issue. He looks after younger Astronauts in the station and gives them a hand if they meet an obstacle. Easy-going, ice-breaking, fond of jokes.

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    Cosmic Astronaut

    It was all written in the stars. Justyna became an outstanding developer in no time. Older colleagues say that the code she writes is a pure masterpiece to the nth degree.

  • Klaudia

    Midfielder Astronaut

    Not only a devoted astronaut, but also an amatueur geologist, ornitologist, horse rider and a book lover. A person of many talents, including and a wide smile.

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  • Ania

    Constant Self-Developing Astronaut

    What is important when coding in Ruby? Self-development and soft skills - this is what Anna believe in. After hours she is a vice-chairwoman and volunteer as a international soft skills trainer in a student organisation. All together – the Astronaut with the proactive attitude and no fear of new challenges.

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    Real Geek Astronaut

    Paweł is a real geek – working with Ruby on Rails professionally and playing with Elixir and front-end frameworks (React & Ember) after hours. A semi-autonomous robot, based on Arduino, is also his prank. Oh, and if you like trading card games, Paweł will be your best companion!

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    The Almighty Astronaut

    Arek enjoys Ruby, Java, as he enjoys sci-fi books. He can work magic with a computer in just one hand. A passionate coding wizard who can't leave without his algorithmic potions.

  • Bartek

    Señor Specialist Astronaut

    Bartłomiej likes to cook something up, either sushi or a joke to his fellow astronauts. He has been also repeatedly caught on sending business emails on holidays. He can't live without his job, and his job finds it hard to leave him alone at any time.

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  • Magda

    Ads Troubleshooting Engineer

    Magda is a true sleeping pill for advertisers - she works miracles to let those guys sleep like a dog. That made her both work life and timeoff very active, too. If she's not swimming, she is most probably paragliding.

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    The Talented Mr. Astronaut

    Most of his mates used to play games, travel to unknown places or paint the town red in the eves years back. He did it too, and he was running the local computer network all at one. A true man of many talents.

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    Spicy Astronaut

    Now, think of a man who is cycling, munching spicy asian noodles and plays online games... all at once. Now, that's the man Piotr turns into afterhours. But don't let appearances fool you. During his working hours, coding is second to none.

  • Kasia

    Big Cheese Astronaut

    She loves all the experience you can get from UI/UX design. Same thing with all marketing stuff. But what thrills Kasia best are affordable flights to most corners of the globe, dancing, and all the cheese in the world. This astronaut is no cheesy globetrotter.

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  • Janek

    Meticulous Astronaut

    He is no Guitar Hero fan, but he plays real-life guitar and piano. Jan is always there where new experiences await for him. Though rumor has it he likes to read JavaScript manuals as a bedtime story.

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    Astronaut the Builder

    He used to be quite seriously involved in the construction industry as a site engineer, years back before he discovered his ad-ops talent. His love for books and lust for high-tech trends made it easier for him to set sails for new & exciting career challanges.

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    Globetrotting Astronaut

    Mateusz goes the extra mile, and not only because he gets the ad ops tasks done correctly. He is a passionate world-traveller, not-fishy-at-all fisherman, and a big fun of Colombian cousine. Never met Escobar, though

  • Sara

    Open-Minded Austronaut

    You could have met Sara-the-seller in the Mt. Rushmore Park or Sara-the-teacher in one of the english schools. Now meet Sara-the-programmer in Codest. Speaking of life changes, she likes to takes pictures of memorable moments, too.

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  • Łukasz

    Devoted Astronaut

    He might be the biggest fan of tomato-based food, tomato-themed games, and movies with a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Apart from that, Łukasz is said to be one of the most devoted code developers to date.

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    No-Salad-Days Astronaut

    It's true, Daniel likes a few things most: punctuality, workouting, and salads. Besides that he is like any other hardworking developer, who knows his biz inside-out.

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    Change-oriented Astronaut

    This devoted graduate of Automatic Control and Robotics likes to develop an application, master new coding language on the weekends, make some Forex deals, and have something sweet as a treat in the meantime. He's a heck of an astronaut.

  • Mateusz

    Mediterranean Astronaut

    Mateusz could design and build the new Eiffel Tower, but instead he has chosen The Ruby Way Of Life. The Win Way Of Life, as he mentions personally. This music lover always says yes to the new things, so after work you can meet him at various sports classes, starting from horse riding to ballroom dancing.

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  • Maria

    Foodie Astronaut

    Maria divides her time between studying Accounting and Controlling and work. She belongs to the Back Office team. She is the person who live life to the fullest, especially when it contains word "food."

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    Smooth Operator

    Katarzyna, thanks to her Law major, is an extremely meticulous and attentive person. She does not like half-measures, so her commitment to duties is always fully. After work she sews, broiders, cooks and walks around, constantly fascinated with people.

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    French Astronaut

    He gained professional experience in the construction industry, including working on beautiful French territories. In his free time he likes to read fantasy books with favorite cat by his side. If you want to invite him for food, choose a place which serves fast food.

  • Patrycja

    Athletic Astronaut

    Patrycja worked for a long time as a personal strength trainer. As a result, she impresses with her agility both while coding and doing deadlift. However, she is happiest when ordering a pizza on a fluffy and thick crust with a cat on her lap.

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  • Greg

    Iron Astronaut

    Greg consults new businesses from Miami to Warsaw, stopping by in London, Spain and Italy. When he is not working hard, you can meet him riding a bike along Italian lakeside.

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    Rock'n'roll Astronaut

    A witty graduate in chemistry, for whom there is no problem to solve. Well, maybe except one - how to stop Netflix binge watching? She is passionate about plant-based food and cooks a lot, so better watch her during lunch break.

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    Active Astronaut

    Kuba is a marketing specialist for whom every challenge is an adventure. If you want to know him better, invite him over for some sports event.

  • Nuno

    DJ Astronaut

    Sharp-witted law graduate with IT industry experience. He is responsible for sales field in Codest team. Ask him to play his favorite Bryan Adams and you earn his sympathy for sure.

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