Most promising startups from Spain. They develop fast and go global!

Spain belongs to some of the most impressive developing startups’ markets. In particular, in Barcelona and Madrid, which house many innovative companies raising external financing and expanding their business sector in Europe and countries around the world. There is quite a number of such promising startups from Spain. You can read in this article about some of the most interesting ones.


The application allows finding a driver, who becomes a ‘private driver’ at a customer’s request. Vehicles are run by owners who have previously undergone tests that verify their predispositions and skills. In this way, users do not have to worry about their safety any longer. In addition, the entire process is transparent to a customer from the outset. The application sets an estimated price and your ride is visible on ‘geo-tracked’. Cabify was founded in 2011.


A startup founded in 2016 and located in Barcelona. It offers both a platform and an application that connects citizens with their governments. Using Civicity, people can share ideas with their authorities, propose their own solutions and exchange ideas through online forums. The whole idea is aimed to increase the citizens’ influence on governing activities and facilitate the understanding of people’s needs based on the foundations of democracy.


A modern application that makes it easier for employees to recruit and find new employers. With the application downloaded on the phone you can create your own CV, find job offers in your area, apply for a selected position and … you will be in constant contact with a recruiter. This solution provides a fully transparent and candidate-friendly recruitment process. CornerJob has been operating on the market since 2015.


Do you want to sell your flat without any commission? You can make it cheaper with Housfy! This innovative solution allows you to quickly and effectively earn from real estate sales.  Users do not pay any commission, which is required when cooperating with agencies, thanks to which the sales process is cost-effective. Speed is yet another advantage. On average, apartment sales may last less than 60 days! Housfy was founded in 2016 and has been developing dynamically since then.

Bigle Legal

A startup, which allows you to quickly and easily generate business documents tailored to your needs. The biggest advantages of Bigle Legal are the automation of the document management process, time-saving and eliminating the risks of a human error. It is a cloud-based tool that can shorten your working time by up to 20 times. Bigle Legal’s office is based in Barcelona.


With the usage of this application, customers make purchases in selected stores and restaurants with the help of couriers called “Glovo”. They are responsible for making purchases and then transporting them to a customer. According to the plan, the whole process should not last longer than 1 hour. There is also an ‘urgent package’ service that allows you to place a priority order.


A startup, which is becoming one of the largest service companies in Spain. Eelp! offers an application thanks to which customers can place an order to perform a service related to their home – including cleaning and apartment repair, product delivery, cooking, private lessons, or even renting a chauffeur. The biggest advantage of Eelp! is the complexity of services and a wide range of services that clients can find in one place. The startup was founded in 2017.


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