Most interesting web apps using Ruby on Rails in Germany

In Germany there are many popular websites created on the basis of Ruby on Rails (RoR) technology. These are web apps, e-commerce platforms or websites that contain a comprehensive database. We’ve chosen a few of the most interesting ones that RoR helped in creating and developing effective products.

Air Berlin was the second largest airline in Germany. This company’s aircrafts flew to 39 countries around the world. On the website, customers could purchase and book tickets and check all the information on flights they needed. The airline Air Berlin stopped functioning in 2017. During their operating on the market, Ruby on Rails was one of the used technology.

A German company well-known to clients around the world. It deals with production of automotive and industrial technology as well as technical equipment of buildings. Their main website is a great showcase for all Bosch products. On this website customers, who want to shop online, choose their country and move to the right domain. Here we can find Ruby on Rails as well.

One of the most popular portals in Germany, which creates a global network of employees and employers, making it easier for both parties to establish cooperation. The platform enables creation of employee profiles, employers, joining discussion groups, as well as promotion of events. XING is often compared to it’s biggest competitor – the LinkedIn portal. In 2017, its revenue amounted to nearly EUR 190 million.

Have you heard about the wunderlist application? It has been created in Germany and is used to manage work time. It allows you to schedule all your activities on time, organize working process and divide it amongst the other people. It is available on Android and iOS systems. With the help of the home page, you can, among other things, check its most important functionalities and download it on the phone or PC.

It is a platform for selling products compatible with Android. It is available all over the world and has been founded in Berlin. There you can find, among others, a wide range of technological products, software or electronic equipment. In this case, Ruby on Rails supported creating a thriving e-commerce platform.

Experteer is a highly personalized career service for senior – level executives in Europe. It connects employers with qualified employees. There are over 250,000 executive jobs available on the website and over 10,000 headhunters. Job offers are available for various sectors, such as the industry of industry, consulting, pharmacy, banking or finance.

One of the most popular e-commerce platforms in Germany, created with the help of Ruby on Rails technology. On this website, users can purchase various products online – from computer programs and devices to courses and a possibility to obtain IT certificates. Every day, the platform is visited by several thousand people.

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