Meet best startups in Sweden. It’s worth knowing

In Sweden the startup community is developing really dynamically. There is no shortage of startups that achieve international success. The Swedish market strikes as one of the most attractive ones in Europe. In this article you will read about top interesting startups that are located in Sweden.


This startup was created in 2018. It is involved in the production of technologically advanced urban electronic cars. They are distinguished by unique functionality – a specially designed cockpit allowing to digitally control the vehicle, a security package that includes security sensors and intelligent ADAS security technology alongside with a special system that reduces energy consumption.

In 2018 Uniti was listed in ‘Top 10 Swedish innovations’.

Just arrived

An application created for the needs of immigrants who started to arrive in Sweden en masse. It helps them find a job tailored to their professional skills. According to the founder’s idea, proper development of the immigrant labor force will positively affect the state of the country’s economy. The application is available among others in english, swedish and arabic.

Startups in Sweden


Startup provides the Aitopya application that uses elements of artificial intelligence. It is specifically directed to health professionals. It helps them to answer patients’ questions using an intuitive application. In this way, the application both saves time and reduces the cost of human resources. The originators of the application believe that it will boost the quality of Swedish healthcare service to a new, higher level.

Byon8 is also developing two other applications related to health care – Project V and Project X.

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Baffin Bay Networks

A system managing a network of dispersed cyber security centers. It is prepared for over 250 different types of DDoS attacks. Due to its high quality and effectiveness in preventing cyber threats in network it is gaining more and more popularity. The founders of the startup ensure that the created system can revolutionize fighting with online cybercrime.


It is estimated that around one third of food is wasted worldwide.  The Karma application is the answer to the problem. With its help you can order meals from restaurants, shops or cafes that have not yet been sold. What benefits do customers have? Meals are available at a 50% lower rate. The application is available both in Sweden and London.

Sweden startups develop dynamically


Do you want to avoid tiring queues in waiting rooms for doctors? Then you should use the KRY application. It is an innovative solution that allows a patient to have online consultation with a selected doctor in video-format. It is enough to choose a type of ailment in the application and sign up for the chosen date. If necessary, the doctor will write a prescription or refer the patient to another specialist. Sounds like a pretty simple, convenient and fast application!

Na- kd

It is an e-commerce store with fashion products targeted for women, representing the millennial age group. This startup belongs to a group of Europe’s TOP 20 growing companies. Starting from 2015, startup has been recording a significant increase in revenues each year. The goal of Na – Kd is to dominate fashion market both in Sweden and around the world.

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