JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language in 2019

Stack Overflow has published the annual Developer Survey for the ninth time. This study was conducted as a 20-minute survey with a group of over 90,000 developers. The results presented in the report are worth your attention. JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language in 2019

Reports prepared by Stack Overflow are a great source of information for all those interested in the world of technology and modern industry trends. As the Stack Overflow test is very extensive, I decided to analyze it carefully and choose the most interesting information for you. Here is the data that you need to know in 2019.

1. JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language, and has taken first place in Stack Overflow’s survey for seven years. In second place is classified HTML/CSS and the third place was taken by SQL.

2. Python is currently the fastest growing programming language, and overtook Java in terms of use in 2019.

3. Twelfth place in the ranking went to the Ruby programming language.

4. 45% of developers in the world have experience of less than 10 years. The largest group are programmers who have worked in the industry for 5 to 9 years.

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5. The respondents chose Elon Mask as the person who in 2019 will have the greatest impact on the technology industry. Jeff Bezos came in second and Satya Nadella was third.

6. The most popular web framework chosen was jQuery and second place was taken by React js. and Angular/Angular js.

7. Ruby on Rails took the eleventh place among web frameworks was taken and Vue.js was in seventh place.

8. For the fourth time in a row, Rust was the most liked programming language by developers, followed by Python and then TypeScript.

9. React js., Vue.js and Express were the most classified among the frameworks, and tenth place went to Ruby on Rails.

10. Nearly half of programmers (47.5%) use Windows in their work, 26.8% use MacOS, and 25.6% are Linux-based.

11. Ruby is one of the most-paid programming languages, finishing sixth with an average of $75k.

12. For the greatest challenges faced, productivity was in first place: distracting work environments, meetings and being tasked with non-development work.


13. 68.8% of respondents see the value in executing code review, 6.7% do so only through obligation, at 23.6% of developers do not practice this principle at all.

14. 12.2% of respondents spend less than 1 hour per week on code review, and 31.4% spend between 2 and 3 hours per week.

15. On average, a full stack developer’s salary is $57k, a backend developer earns $ 56k, and front end developers earn $52k. Let’s also note that average designer salary is $51k.

16. Over half of the developers work from 40 to 44 hours per week. Product managers and engineers are mostly long-term employees, as well as developers in Eastern Europe, India and the United States.

Final comments

I have shared with you the most interesting facts about technology and software development in 2019. What’s particularly noteworthy is JavaScript’s strong position for many years and the growing popularity of Python. If you want to read the full report, you can find it via this link.

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