It was a real hit! Best Codest’s articles in 2018

The year 2018 is coming to an end, which is why it seems to be a good time for summaries. In recent months, a lot has happened on our blog. We shared the content prepared by the Codest specialists with you. We checked which articles were the most popular in 2018. Here is our list. If you missed something, we really recommend to catch up.

Where should you open your next startup and why?

The startup market is a very interesting topic, right? We have analyzed the best current markets for business development. Silicon Valley holds the leading positions, but on our list you will find many other interesting locations.

Best Agile tools for IT projects

What is the Agile methodology and what are some useful tools that improve work? On the basis of our client’s completed projects, we are answering how you can effectively increase your efficiency.

5 projects where JavaScript works well

JavaScript, as one of the most popular programming languages. We are presenting in which projects JS works really well.

UX/UI design. Why is it important in an IT project? (interview)

We are interviewing Katarzyna Górniak – Product Designer from Codest about current trends in UI / UX design. We also looking forward to what 2019 can bring us.

What should you know about Ruby on Rails?

We are impressed by Ruby technology and the Ruby on Rails framework. We are talking about their most important features. Here you will find a small compendium of knowledge.

How did Codest push Yieldbird to Deloitte list?

One of our clients has achieved great success in 2018, and we are really happy with it and pleased that our work could have contributed to the development of Yieldbird. See what effects our cooperation has brought.

That’s the strategy! Strategy Design Pattern

Something for the geeks. A design pattern is a conceptual model that helps you solve design problems in various contexts. Do you want to know more? You have to check this article!

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