Is Ruby going to be a good choice in 2019 for software development?

Ruby is one of the most underrated programming languages. Though, in combination with the Rails framework, it offers a number of innumerable benefits. Its natural environment is web applications.

Perhaps you could come across with more critical opinions concerning Ruby. Of course, it is true that Ruby is not one of the most popular technologies, but it is characterized by both high quality and efficiency that other programming languages can only envy of.

Do you prefer MVP? Ruby will help you

You’ve probably heard a lot about the MVP approach in the process of building a product. This solution works well for software development. When building an application, it is worth starting with creating very basic functionalities and then focusing on improvement. This limits the risk of incorrect decisions and cost inefficiencies. For instance, when a client comes with a ready project idea, in the development phase it may turn out that the assumptions they have adopted were wrong. MVP is the answer to such situations.

In case of MVP, Ruby’s language is great. Why? First of all, it provides an opportunity to create basic application functionalities in a relatively short time. The progress of work, especially at its initial stage, is faster in Ruby than in other programming languages. In addition, Ruby is very flexible. It does not limit a programmer who can delete or edit the content of a code at any time.

Startups, E-commerce, SaaS, AdTech …? Ruby is a good choice

Ruby will find its application in many industries. It was mentioned above that web applications are the natural environment for this programming language. They are used by e-commerce platforms – in particular online stores. Ruby is also a good direction for startups that may be looking for cost-effective technological solutions.

Ruby is a good choice

At Codest, we have also carried out many projects for companies from the AdTech industry. One of them is the largest media group in Poland – Agora. Developers were responsible, inter alia, for both creation and development of tools related to the optimization of online advertising.

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Ruby is dying? Check out the GitHub community

Do you know that Ruby was classified in ‘Top programming languages 2018’ on Github?  Moreover, the Ruby on Rails community – the most popular Ruby framework – is very actively developing there. At this moment, it already has nearly 4,000 users.

The wide community that is formed around the language is undoubtedly one of the key factors in its development as it provides stabilization.  Another highlight worth mentioning is Ruby creating a low entry barrier for novice programmers. It is appreciated by developers for both simplicity and ability to acquire new skills in no time.

Ruby’s quality proven by the largest brands

We have already written for more than once that many world-renowned brands choose Ruby. Twitter was created on its basis. Github and AirBnB are still actively using it. There are more similar examples to be found. It should also be emphasized that Ruby guarantees security. In combination with the Ruby on Rails framework, it provides mechanisms that affect application security. It is a built-in protection against XSS, CSRF and SQL Injection attacks, which are considered to be among the most notorious attacks on web applications.

Undoubtedly, this becomes an issue of a great importance when it comes to web applications or other websites that are based on advanced interaction with users or clients.

Ruby is used by big world's brands

Is Ruby a good choice in 2019?

Definitely yes. As you can see, there are many advantages of this programming language and it is quite hard to list them all in a single article. Ruby has always been characterized by both high quality and cost effectiveness – two factors leading this language to extending popularity in 2019.

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