Many companies starting cooperation with software house have big concerns related to the smooth flow of communication. The environment of developers and people working in the IT industry has a very technical knowledge and skills, which is why they can not be surprised by the clients’ doubts about transparent and understandable cooperation during the project

Our experience

In this case, the Scrum project management methodology and one of its elements – the team of developers headed by Team Leader – comes in handy. Team Leader is the one in charge for cooperation with the client and, together with the team, determines the course of project work. One of the main tasks is to make sure that the model of cooperation between the client and software house runs without any objections, and both sides are on the same wavelength.
Team Leader is a specific person who may be a part of a team of developers, but they may not be familiar with any programming language. They must have competences that allow to manage the team and control the project work. The development of IT products requires complete understanding of the client’s needs and the effective the working schedule.

Clear communication

– At Codest, we pay great attention to the quality of cooperation with our clients. Before we start the design work, we precisely define the principles of our communication, and the client can get to know a team of developers who will work on the development of their product. As a Team Leader, I make sure that all the technical issues are clear to the client. In a way, I am an information link that allows you to understand the needs of both parties – the client and developers. This greatly improves our later work – says Tomasz Szkaradek, Codest Team Leader.

The role of Team Leader in IT projects is particularly important. The development of a given product, or even a single functionality, often requires weeks of work on the developers’ part. Therefore, it is important that before the beginning of the project all work and project objectives are clearly discussed with the client, as due to this you can avoid later misunderstandings and minimize the risk of failure.

– I can say with full conviction that our existing customers have very positively assessed our workshop. I am convinced that, among the other strong points, this is the effect of a proper communication. We know exactly what our partners expect from us and we are able to communicate with them in a mutually understandable way – adds Tomasz Szkaradek.

So, is a business person necessary in a tech team? In our opinion, they definitely are. Being a very important role in any team of developers, they not only organize all design work, but also care about the high quality of communication with the client, ultimately contributing to a complete success.

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