InfoShare Conference. What were the interesting highlights?

From May 7th to 9th, we took part in the InfoShare Conference. This is an event dedicated to all companies working in the technologies field, from small startups to big well-established companies (mostly partners), both Polish and international. In one word – the biggest Tech Conference in CEE.

It was a really good opportunity to meet many interesting companies, get to know inspiring, talented people and avant-garde innovations from the world of technology. Naturally, we were most interested in the specific issues related to software development, so during the conference, we noticed several cutting-edge startups from Dubai that focus their work on this.

And here is the first curiosity. We found out that there are not many Ruby language developers on the market. Companies that develop their products in this language have so far cooperated with software houses from India and Pakistan. However, we discovered that they have often experienced a lack of quality in their work; the written code wasn’t living up to the expectations of the clients and the final product have consequently fallen short of what was required. During some conversations with the representatives of these companies, we could clearly understand their intention to move their focus to Europe to find new partners there. This is a matter that experts from the software development industry have been discussing for quite some time now. The reason for this migration of interest is due to the fact that Europe is a market filled with qualified developers. They provide high-quality coding and reliable work ethic.

You can read more about this topic in our blog. In this article, we discuss the topic “Is Europe a good place to looking for software developers?”.

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During the InfoShare Conference, we took part in several workshops and we want to tell you a little about the experience and what we have learned. Let’s start with the first one – Will artificial intelligence replace people?’. Very interesting topic, because is well-known that the role of AI, in the era of modern technology is constantly growing and driving to reach and break unexpected frontiers. Modern, state-of-the-art technologies related to marketing have today over 5,000 different applications. Our data is processed in plenty of ways and it serves as the basis for the development of better and better artificial intelligence algorithms. The speaker of this meeting – Jacek Kotarbiński, assured that the role of AI in the products development and customer service will continue to grow in the coming years. Proposal? Let’s begin to get used to the presence of AI in our lives and take advantage of it for our business growth.

Undoubtedly, the presentation of Sen Percival from also offered interesting insights. The topic of the workshop – How to grow your startup and get investors”. Sean is an American entrepreneur, investor and author originally from California. He has invested in over 120 startups so far and created many more of his own. He shared with us his experience in the field of business development and startups. His company is a great example of his success. In a relatively short time it has developed very dynamically and now we can say that it has achieved global success. We strongly recommend to check out this speaker if you are looking for inspiration in the startup world or even just for your personal development.

Companies worthy of attention

During the InfoShare Conference, we discovered fascinating companies worth learning about. Four of them, in particular, caught our attention. Here they are:

FinalRentals from Dubai. This startup has already being operating in Dubai for last 3 years. They are actually expanding in Poland and other EU countries. They specialize in car renting. The company offers a wide range of car rental (primarily for tourists) at attractive prices. You can read more about them here.

Festivality from Tallinn. It is a platform technology for festivals and events that allows to adopt smarter next-generation mobile apps, gain new revenues and fan analytics. Festivality digitizes live events and turns them into actionable data.

PlayGineering from Lithuania. It is is a privately owned company specialized in the design, development and manufacture of revolutionary HiTech products for professional sports. They are technology and sports enthusiast, who create sports industry awareness related to technological capabilities and make them more affordable, on a wider scale, than ever before.

AirHelp from Poland. The company helps airplane passengers to get compensation for delayed, canceled, and overbooked flights. This product is definitely an enormous facilitation for travellers. Guaranteed success!

InfoShare summary


The InfoShare conference was an engaging and inspiring event that we can recommend to all those who are interested in technology, innovations and love to learn about innovative startups. Everyone could find something appealing for themselves and their industry of interest. It was also a good opportunity to broaden our horizons and gain new perspective on Tech Startups and software development competitors in different regions. The learning experience has been possible thanks to speeches, meetings and workshops in the areas of marketing and business growth.

Another edition in a year. See you there? 🙂

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