How to find the best UX/UI agency?

The role of UX/UI designers in product development is crucial. The visual and functional features are very important, that’s why every good product should be appropriately ‘packaged’. Without it, there is no chance your potential customers will pay attention to it, become interested and make the interaction you expect from them. Therefore, the part related to UX/UI should be given to professionals. One of the solutions is the agency.

To begin, I would like to emphasize the importance of UX/UI role in product development. Until recently, this part of product development was often downplayed and marginalized. However, with time, the clients’ perception regarding the necessity of building a proper UX/UI, increased significantly. There are many advantages associated with it. Here are presented some examples that show how design can affect your business performance:

– you can increase and speed up sales

– you can improve the conversion

– you can increase customer engagement

– you can increase the customer petition

– you can increase the value and recognizability of your brand

If you are not yet convinced about the UX/UI value of the product development, then I recommend you read this article where you can find out more about the meaning of UX/UI design in your project.

Ok, let’s not stop here and let’s get to the bottom of the topic.

“Ok, I want to develop UX/UI for my product. How to find the best agency?”

If you have already decided to cooperate with a UX/UI agency, know that you have made the right decision. Now you must focus on finding an effective and reliable partner. Many companies on the market specialize in this area, the key to success is to select the right one.

How to do it? There are several methods, but I will introduce one of them, which in my opinion is the most effective. It’s the Clutch portal. On this platform, there are already over 3000 companies specializing in UX/UI design. Here you check the recommendation, customer portfolio, work quality assessment, and other parameters summarizing the work of the agency. Based on this research, you can build a list of companies interested in you and go to the next stage.


Define the specification of your project

Ok, the research stage is behind you. It is time for you to define your goals and requirements. In short – have clear in mind what exactly you will need from the agency. What you need to remember is:

– the budget you have at your disposal

– duration of the project

– project specification

These are the three basic aspects you will need to present to the agency. It is worth having these points clearly stated in your strategy so that the communication with your potential partner will be smoother and easier.

Choose an agency tailored to your needs

If you have made a checklist of companies with whom you could cooperate and you know your needs and expectations, it’s time to go to the next stage. Schedule a meeting with selected agencies and start the next verification stage. Try to find a company that has already implemented a similar project. This might mean that the agency has already experience with a similar product, and it might be better equipped to help you.

Ask for customers’ recommendations and check their previous successful projects. Pay attention to the cooperation model.  It is important that everyday cooperation is simple for both parties, and that you can count on transparency and professionalism during all stages.

Redesign Project

Communication model

And at this point, we are moving to the next stage. Communication. One of the most important elements that you should verify at the initial stage is the ease of communication, receiving feedback, and providing information. See for yourself if the employees of the selected agency have sufficient soft skills to effectively communicate with the client.

Also, ask for a model of everyday cooperation. It is very likely that in the development process of your product, you will share your comments and would like to verify the progress of the work. Therefore, it is even more important that communication between you is managed at the highest level.

Back-end and front-end background

Developing UX/UI is usually one of the tricky parts of your product development. To create the most effective UX/UI design, you will probably need the support of a whole team of developers. Therefore, make sure that the agency you selected for the project has a qualified team of developers. The idea is to make the design side compatible with the programming possibilities. You should make sure that the team of designers doesn’t create a very complicated project, which will then be very difficult and time-consuming to be implemented by programmers. In short, developers support ensures greater stability for your project.


Successful product development may not be possible without taking care of the UX/UI design part. The most important thing in the process of finding a reliable partner is to conduct research and to match the agency to your needs. Remember to check references and customers’ portfolios. And most importantly – make sure you’re dealing with professionals. This is important for the success of your project.

And finally, remember: a well-developed product with proper UX/UI can generate greater conversion by up to 70%. If this isn’t a selling point for UX/UI, I don’t know what is.

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