If you are thinking about creating your own marketplace, you need to know that if you want to be successful, you should get ready for it. Details can lead you to either success or failure. We’ve decided to help you with the matter and create a checklist, in which we’ve included all the most important elements that you should remember about creating your own marketplace.

1st stage

Start. Before you start working on your marketplaces, you should learn as much as possible about its principles. It will allow you to understand the way it works and to define your product accurately. Remember that the basis is always a good idea. You should check whether there is a similar marketplace on the market. Try to fill the gap – then you will have a better chance of success. At the end of this stage you will have to do one of the most important tasks – to determine the business model.

2nd stage

Building. A very popular method is to create an MVP (Minimum Value Product) product. The idea is not to waste too much budget unnecessarily, and at the very same time to test the functionality of the product. You should provide the selected users with an opportunity to test your marketplace. This will give you a valuable feedback and you will know what is there to be improved. Remember that to find the most effective solutions you should run a lot of tests.

At this stage you will need to establish a cooperation with developers who will create a marketplace for you. Think about what company you would like to outsource. You will also choose the technology which will serve a basis for the future marketplace to be created. Searching for optimal solutions, consider a Software as a Service Marketplace. This is a frequently used way to run a marketplace while maintaining cost efficiency.

3nd stage

Implementation. When the marketplace is ready and you have verified that there is a market demand for it, it is time to start operating on the market. At the very beginning, check the first effects of your activity. Monitor, analyze and learn customer behavior. Thanks to this you will understand your needs even better and you will be able to adapt the marketplace to the needs of recipients. Do not forget about the marketing operation. Even the best product must be suitable to sell. Good advertising will certainly help you achieve even better results.


The three stages that we have presented in this article should explain what activities are to be remembered when creating a marketplace. The whole process is often difficult and complicated, so you’ll probably need specialist’s help. It is extremely important who you decide to cooperate with, as an effective and reliable partner will help you achieve the expected results.