How do Codest developers create a special fun matrix? Meet the Electrodest!

Special fun matrix is our latest device created by the… Electrodest group. On hacking coffemaker, we started developing another project. This time again, we decided to use our creativity related to both programming and electrics.

The Electrodest…? It is a real geek group!

At Codest we like challenges. Many of our developers have a really wide range of interests that are more or less connected with technology. Thus we decided to make use of their little passions without any hesitation. We created an informal group and called it the Electrodest. Why that? The answer is very simple. Electrics is the subject, which we are interested in so much.

– Our group name was created from the combination of two words – electric and Codest. It was a spontaneous idea. Often we would stay after hours in the office and together were developing various devices, having fun with electrics and programming. Any examples? A coffee machine that we hacked – says one of the originators, Radosław Bułat – Technology Mentor in Codest.

Our matrix

Matrix is a physical device that allows you to light colored pixels (matrix size 21×15). Using the Sinatra framework, a special application in Ruby has been written for it. The matrix allows us to display any images that fit in the previously specified sizes. In practice, we display funny and cool images in the office.

– The matrix was built using the LED strip and a Raspberry Pi tool. It’s a small computer that allows the matrix to work. The frontend application itself was created in Ruby Sinatra. It allows us to edit online graphic objects that we want to display. For example, when someone accomplishes something or succeeds, they can boast about this using the matrix. On Friday the word ‘weekend’ usually appears (laughs) – adds Radosław Bułat.

The Electrodest group is developing very dynamically. Codest developers not only create interesting devices and software but also support the organizational culture in our team. There are already more projects in plans. One of them is an innovative machine for making drinks.

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