Growing startups and global companies in Finland. Which of them should you know about?

Just like the other Scandinavian countries, Finland with Helsinki as its capital city, is developing quite well in the field of entrepreneurship. In this country, one can find a lot of interesting companies and startups that have achieved international success. Some of them can already boast of millions of revenues.

We have analyzed the market in Finland and prepared a list of top growing startups and most interesting global companies. Their activities are varied. These are marketplaces,e-commerces and companies from the FinTech and AdTech industries. Each of them can boast of its innovative product. We have identified 10 most attractive and noteworthy.

It is an automation platform for effective online advertising management. With the help of the Smartly tool, you can achieve higher ad revenues in the CPA (Cost per Action) system. Advertising in Smartly is simple and intuitive. Currently, the tool is used by over 600 brands from around the world, including eBay, Uber, TechStyle and Skyscanner. Smartly as a startup began its operations in 2013. Annually, the platform registers transactions for over 1 billion dollars. From the available sources, we can also learn that Smartly has already got over 300 employees.


How to combine artificial intelligence with gamification and also keep it easy – to use shopping features. Blidz offers an innovative solution that helps a customer get some unique experiences when shopping online. What’s more, the Blidz platform, using artificial intelligence, helps its users find the products they are looking for, offering available deals and discounts. The company was founded in 2017 and the originators ensure that online shopping has never been so easy and enjoyable.


Boost your bottom line with Feedbackly. What is it all about? The tool allows you to collect valuable information about customers – their behavior, opinions, trends – and contribute all the collected data to the increase of sales efficiency. The big advantage is that Feedbackly is integrated with other popular tools like WordPress, Google Tag Manager, Shopify or Magneto. Over 3,000 brands have benefited so far from the Feedbackly platform. Jack & Jones, Kiasma and Flying Tiger Copenhagen are among them.

Top companies in Finland


Kesko is one of the leading listed companies in Finland. The company deals with food, technical, construction and automotive trade. The entire network brings together over 1,800 sales points in such countries as Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. In 2017, the company recorded a total sales value of approximately 13 billion Euro.


The Venuu platform is very often called ‘Airbnb for Event Spaces’. With the help of this tool, you can easily find a place to rent for various occasions – events, weddings, business meetings and much more. Venuu is growing very dynamically and the service is already available in many countries. Its clients include ABB, Accenture, H&M, Microsoft and Nordea.


A tool that allows you to collect more information about potential customers, who visit your website. This is a perfect solution for employees involved in sales departments. How does it work in practice? All you need to do is set up a Leadfeeder with Google Analytics, and then with the help of this tool, you will find out what companies have visited your website and how they came to it. In this way, sellers and marketers can increase their knowledge of campaigns and sales campaigns. Another thing to mention is the fact that Leadfeeder is easily connected with other tools, such as Slack.

Lago Kapital

A company from the fintech industry. Lago Kapital provides listed companies. Securities loans are available to institutional investors, whereas securities lending is offered to all investors. The company has absolute independence from banking institutions. Lago Kapital holds a license from the Financial Supervisory Authority FIN-FSA.


It is a music platform for those who want to learn how to play and create music. It’s a perfect tool for developing your musical skills, which is used by millions of people around the world. At Yousician you will find thousands of songs, exercises and available lessons developed by certified trainers. The application also provides many other useful functionalities, such as a possibility to receive real-time feedback and instructions from other users.



One of the largest companies in Europe operating in the AdTech industry, dealing with the management of advertising on the Internet. The platform helps publishers manage inventory and monetize it effectively. Kiosked focuses on solving problems related to the visibility, relevance and performance of advertisements.


It is an application that allows users both sale and purchases tailored clothing. It connects people with the same size and style, helping them throughout the entire shopping process. Zadaa includes over 600,000 unique clothing, shoes and other accessories. The application is gaining more and more popularity in such countries as Finland, Denmark and Germany.

Other interesting companies worth mentioning:


Digital Goodie Ltd.

– Invesdor,

Kaiku Health.

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