2018 has brought a lot of novelties into the graphic design. Designers who are willing to attract customer’s interest have decided to proceed towards innovation. A few returns to what was popular a few years ago have gained their share of interest as well. As a part of a short summary, we have chosen the most interesting Graphic Design Trends in 2018.

GIFs and animations

More and more applications or websites are using GIFs and animations. This aims to facilitate communication with a recipient and help them to take the desired action. In many cases, using GIFs and animations helps to regulate customer’s behavior. In addition, they positively influence the reception of the presented messages.


Authentic advertising increases the credibility of the message. It is easier to catch the attention of the recipient who sees the real illustration. Therefore, in 2018 images showing feelings and action have been willingly used. Possessed photographs available on stock platforms have become much less attractive.


Shadows in the last months have again reached popularity. Skillful usage allows you to get a depth effect creating a visual hierarchy and prompting a recipient to perform specific moves. The depth effect is often used to highlight the key elements and to show the recipient what is the most important in a provided facility.

Responsive logos

That trend has changed the approach of many companies to the graphic creations of their own brands. There has been a clear departure from complicated projects in favor of simple and legible logos. They are adapted to a content quick view on various devices. Interestingly, the logotype can take the form of even a small symbol. This trend is related to the development of mobile devices that require a differentiated graphic approach.

Custom graphic art and artist illustration

Creating custom illustrations, often artistic ones, is another effective method to catch the attention of the recipient. Unconventionality and personalization of the brand through an illustration has become a deliberate act of the graphic artist. This trend allows designers to freely express their creativity.


Though very popular a few years ago, over time they were replaced by a flat design. Currently, the gradients have regained the designers’ approval again, but in a slightly different form this time. First of all, they are combined with the flat design features. Moreover, strong gradients are not used as it was before. It is recommended to use delicate and gentle transitions, providing an accessible interface for the recipient.

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