Go to EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona and meet fast growing companies!

Are you going to the EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona? If you still have any second thoughts, we are here to encourage you. During this conference, you will have an opportunity to meet many interesting people and get to know some valuable startups, that are developing dynamically and are winning the market.

This year the EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona takes place on May 2-3. It is worth reserving your time in the calendar, as this is one of a few occasions to get to know the most dynamically developing startups from Europe and abroad. Their history, products and people, who stand behind their creation, can become a great inspiration base both for you and your company.

The Codest team is also taking part in this EU-Startups Summit. To convince you that the event is worthy to attend, we have prepared a short list of companies that you will be able to meet there.


The Open Banking API – a smart fintech solution that enables companies to easily and securely access their clients’ financial data. This solution helps to solve the most common business problems and provide better customer experience, using modern payment solutions, intelligent risk management tools and access to rich financial data.


Signaturit is a trust service provider of electronic signatures (eSignatures), certified registered delivery (eDelivery) and electronic identification (EID). All of them are implemented in accordance with Regulation (EU) 910/2014, known as eIDAS, as well as with the US laws E-SIGN and UETA Acts. Thousands of companies from over 40 countries around the world, such as Axa, Aegon or EY, have benefited from the Signaturit solution.



This is an innovative solution, that changes the approach to operating the e-commerce market. SeQura allows customers to make purchases online, collect them and check, and only later – when a product meets the buyer’s needs – make online payments (within 7 days of receiving the parcel). Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Moreover, SeQura offers the possibility of installment fees. The SeQura solution is therefore simple, fast, comfortable and safe!


A very convenient solution for digitizing all activities related to human resource management and payroll. Using PayFit, companies can easily manage their employees’ work – including payouts, contracts, holidays or expense reports. More than 2,500 companies have already used PayFit services.


The mission of this startup, founded in 2018, is to create space for innovative enterprises so that they could effectively obtain investments for their projects. It’s about simplifying the whole process and Stokr perfectly responds to this challenge. It will provide a web-based interface that is able to ensure a website for any potential investor.



The marketplace contains products and services targeted at pets. Here you will find the best and the widest offer while maintaining very competitive prices. Its founders emphasize that the idea was born out of passion and love for animals. Thanks to this solution, taking care of pets has never been easier. Mascoteros is a part of the Atresmedia Hub Factory group.


Holded developed a gorgeous cloud-based suite of apps that is both user-friendly and customizable. This solution works on the principle of an ERP system. Holded clients are mostly small and medium-sized companies employing over 50 workers. Available products include applications for project management, inventory management and CRM systems. Holded is also a very flexible tool that allows companies to adapt it to their needs.

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