Such as React js., Angular, Vue js., Node js., Ember js. and Mentor.js open a list of the most popular frameworks of JavaScript. You could learn more about how effective this programming language could be from our previous articles. Now is the time to look more closely at its most popular frameworks.

React js.

A framework used to create graphical interfaces of web applications. It works great for large projects. It has been created and is maintained by Facebook. It is distinguished by high stability and quality comparing to other frameworks. There is a wide group of React users that makes it easier for developers to solve problems and exchange knowledge. Interestingly, React js. was used, for example, in the creation of Netflix and PayPal.


It is an open framework and platform for creating SPA – Single Page Application. It has been written in the characteristic language of TypeSrcipt. There are many websites, web and mobile applications based on this framework. Supported and developed by Google. For beginner developers, it creates a relatively smaller barrier to entry.

Vue js.

This framework uses HTML-based template syntax. It is used to build interfaces and single-page applications. Enables developers to write components quickly and easily. It is easy to integrate with other languages and applications.

Node js.

Used to create highly scalable web applications – especially web servers. It enables the development of event-driven applications that use asynchronous input-output systems. It consists of a V8 engine, libUV library and several other libraries.

Ember js.

A very useful framework for creating problem solving tools. It makes it easier to write web applications – on the client’s side, using the Model – View – Controller pattern. Ember js. includes facilities to help you create applications such as a router and automatic page template updates.

Mentor js.

Enables the control over the database and interface. Mentor is a full-stack framework. In the developer’s environment one can find the statement that this framework is the fastest way to create an application. Its advantage is an extensive community that grants substantive support to the other developers.