Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Why is modern web development so complicated? (16)

Modern web development can be extremely complicated. How did we get here and what do we do about it? This and much more you can find below. Enjoy!

Introducing the ‘aws-rails-provisioner’ gem developer preview

By Jingyi Chen

Straight from AWS, here comes a gem to easily deploy AWS Cloud Development Kit stacks and deploy Rails apps to AWS Fargate. It’s definitely interesting tech and well worth a look even in these early stages.

Recyclable cache keys in Rails

By Taha Husain

Cache versioning is an interesting concept first introduced in Rails 5.2. Here’s how the concept was carried over and improved upon in Rails 6.

Redux and TypeScript: improving on recommended patterns

By Caolan McMahon

TypeScript and Redux don’t necessarily mix all that well, requiring a lot of boilerplate code everywhere. Here’s Caolan’s proposition of a different approach which he’s found works well for him.

Ruby on Rails on Windows is not just possible, it’s fabulous

By Scott Hanselman

Ruby on Windows is kinda hard, and by extension so are Rails. At least that’s the conventional knowledge. Here’s an account to the contrary.

Why is modern web development so complicated? A long yet hasty explanation


Modern frontend development is hard. Here’s a partial explanation of why, and what we can do to improve the state of front end development in 2019.

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