Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Rails 6 is coming (4)

Rails 6.0 on your mind? It’s on ours as well, as you can readily tell from this week’s selection. Not to worry though: we’ve got something for the Node.js enthusiast and the responsible front end developer as well. Check out the staff’s top picks!

Getting Ready for Rails 6.0: How to Dual Boot

By Ernesto Tagwerker

A major version upgrade is always an event – doubly so when you’re upgrading the base framework on which your project depends. With this guide, you’ll be able to upgrade your application responsibly and dual-boot it in Rails 6 for easy testing and QA – and then deploy with confidence.

Rails 6: B-Sides and Rarities

By Vladimir Dementyev @ Evil Martians

Continuing with this week’s Rails 6 theme, we’ve found tons of useful info in this run-through of lesser known features of this next major upgrade. On the longer side and deeply technical – just how we like our blog posts.

Introducing Node.js 12

By Node.js Foundation

With a slew of performance improvements and further enhancements to native ES6 support, this version of Node.js is something to watch closely. Read up on what’s coming in this article from Bethany Griggs and Michael Dawson on behalf of the Foundation.

Base Web, Uber’s New Design System for Building Websites in React

By Nadiia Dmytrenko, Chase Starr, and Gergely Nemeth @ Uber Engineering

Consistency is an issue in React applications. Base Web is a framework seeking to alleviate this problem with consistent, accessible and well-tested components. We highly recommend taking a look at this open-source library battle-tested at Uber.

Inclusively Hidden

By Scott O’Hara

We’ve all probably hidden UI elements for convenience. But have you ever thought about how that might affect differently-abled users of your product? Here’s a great write-up on designing your interactions responsibly.

Bonus! Need a refresher on sort algorithms? Don’t we all. InterviewCake has you covered with their sorting cheat sheet.


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