Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Sorbet and Libra (12)

Some pretty large news hit this week. Sorbet, the type checker for Ruby originally delivered at Stripe is finally open-source. Facebook also opened up about it’s an upcoming cryptocurrency, Libra. All that and more below.

Forget monoliths vs. microservices. Cognitive load is what matters.

By Matthew Skelton, Manuel Pais

The monolith vs microservices debate was all the rage late last year and still occasionally flares up. Matthew and Manuel are here to tell us we’ve been thinking about and debating the wrong thing all this time.

Making Container More Isolated

By Jay Chen

By no means a quick summary, this white paper-grade write up by Jay Chen goes off the deep end on what the current state of sandboxing in containers is. It’s dense, but with this much real-life research it’s a must-read.

I Git it!

By Sundaram Ramaswamy

Sundaram summarizes his “Aha!” moments with Git. It’s not a beginner’s guide, instead looking more at the moving parts within Git that even some power users tend to not have an instinctive grasp of.

On Ruby and type checkers

By Jorge Manrubia

While Sorbet is certainly the talk of the yard these days, we highly recommend reading Jorge’s take, comprising not only what is coming soon – such as type support in Ruby 3 – but why it all matters.

Comparing Ethereum and the Libra blockchain

By Adam Warski

Most coverage Libra gets focuses on the privacy implications and custodianship of the project. We’re sure you’ve read enough of those articles by now, so here’s a fellow geek’s take on how it ticks in comparison to Ethereum.

Bonus! Here are the best 11 ways to kill your apps in app stores on mobile platforms. Just please, don’t treat this satirical article as a to-do list.

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