Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Rendering on the Web (18)

Hoo boy what a week. Rails 6 dropped, rest-client was yet another Ruby gem to have been hijacked and have malicious code pushed into a version and GitHub had another hiccup. But if you’re anything like us, none of that is not news to you – so read on for all the good stuff you missed.

Quick Gulp cache busting

By Chris Coyier

Cache is hard (and you should cache hard). Why do you think we keep telling people “must be the cache, just do a hard refresh and presto”? Here are a few tips on busting caches effectively, so those assets live on disks precisely as long as they need to and not a second longer.

Fail fast and fail often: handling API errors at scale

By Akshay Nathan

Usually the popularity of your APIs – whether public-facing or feeding your apps – is a good problem to have. Handling errors they generate, on the other hand – and generate they will – is not so fun. Here’s Monolist’s Akshay Nathan with a dive into the topic.

You don’t need CSS-in-JS

By Colby Fayock

I look back at the times when I was just a simple back end Specialist and hearing about concepts like CSS-in-JS just made me chuckle with a twinkle in my eye. Nowadays I do a lot of front end fun though, and I do use CSS-in-JS – should I, though? Here’s an opinion.

Git is eating the world

By Jan van den Berg

Linus Torvalds seems to have a thing with his personal projects spiraling just a bit out of control. How did a tool that was built for the sole purpose of hosting the changes for Linux’s kernel become the world’s VCS of choice? Here’s a little story.

Rendering on the Web

By Jason Miller and Addy Osmani

The good old days of nascent Web development, when a website was still a thing you viewed on a computer over a modem connection, are decidedly long gone. But the modern Web development can be daunting to the savviest of us. If things like SSR, TTFB and FCP make you go OMG WTF?, here’s a little writeup by some folks at Google to help you orient yourself.

Bonus! A little something off the personal reading list of yours truly: ever wondered what all this jazz about .NET Core is? Here’s a little writeup on how to build a GraphQL API with it.

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