Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. Are you sure you’re using microservices? (19)

Microservices is one of those things that some thought to be fads, until they completely gripped hold of how we do most things. Thus usually the answer to the question “are you using microservices” nowadays is “yes”. But are you sure? Find out below.

3 keys to upgrading Rails

By Kevin Solorio @ Test Double

With Rails 6 released the inevitable wave of projects to be upgraded is sure to follow. We’re already preparing ourselves for the fun, and so should you!

Understanding Webpacker in Rails 6

By Prathamesh Sonpatki

Keeping with the theme of Rails 6 preparation, it’s worth noting that Sprockets (the good ol’ “asset pipeline”) is gone and Webpacker is in. You won’t hear us complaining – the previous situation promoted wild “split brain” situations where you had a bunch of assets being built one way and a bunch the other – but it’s worth understanding what Webpacker will actually do for you.

Why JWTs Suck as Session Tokens

By Randal Degges @ Okta

JWTs are still all the rage in 2019, and are being used for everything. As per usual with widespread use comes widespread abuse. Here’s one of the things you shouldn’t use JWTs for.

10 Ways to Tweak Slow SQL Queries

By Helen Anderson

In the fullstack world everyone’s a little bit of a DBA. So we should act like it! Learning a little bit about query performance optimization can go a long way.

Are you sure you’re using microservices?

By Michał Matłoka

If you think you’re actually running a microservice architecture – have a read through this to sanity-check your setup. If you plan to run one – read for some dos and donts. And if you don’t – read it anyway, so you’re ready for the inevitable moment when someone in the meeting perks up with “you know what we should do…?”

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