Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. All the ‘uses’ of React (9)

Did you wait for another Codest’s weekly report? Here you are. This time, we pay your attention especially to topics related to React, but… not only. So brew good coffee and checked, what we prepared for you. You’re welcome!

Scaling to 1 million active GraphQL subscriptions (live queries)

By Hasura Team

Hasura is a very convincing proposition: build GraphQL queries directly over you PostgreSQL database, who wouldn’t like that? But the performance the Hasura team has built for has been largely unappreciated. Here’s a look at what it takes to scale a Hasura deployment to 1 million concurrent GraphQL subscriptions (and it’s surprisingly little).

WebAssembly on the Server: How System Calls Work

By Christine Dodrill

WebAssembly in the browser is one thing, but here’s a look at how it can perform on the server side. This presentation summary from Christine is well worth the read, now that thanks to work from the Mozilla Foundation and CloudFlare server-side WA is here to stay.

Rewriting the Slack Python SDK

By Rodney Urquhart

A very thoughtful and in-depth look at the architectural problems that come with taking an SDK that is quite okay and making it something great. A recommended read not only for the avid Pythonista in the audience, but the generalist senior developer concerned with future-proofing their public-facing work.

Interesting points from Abramov’s “A Complete Guide to useEffect”

By Mark Romano

To a React developer, Dan Abramov is the man. But we can probably all agree that his blog posts sometimes end up somewhat on the denser side. As useEffect is poised to become a common part of the modern React dev, one would be wise to read through this great summary of Dan’s view on the topic.

React State with Hooks: useReducer, useState, useContext

By Robin Wieruch

And to complement the above guide on useEffect, we recommend this deeply technical and full of examples dive into the other “uses” of React. Strap in for this one, it’s not light reading – but it’s essential.

Bonus! For those long summer nights, we recommend something a little bit denser – a paper on the impact of programming language choice on code quality.

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