Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. 7 hidden Ruby gems (20)

Most of us Rubyists know at least enough Bash (or zsh, or fish, or…) to get by. But what if we could replace a lot of that knowledge with our favorite programming language, Ruby? All this and more below.

Frustrations with React Hooks

By Paul Cowan @ LogRocket

React Hooks solve certain problems. And yet, they introduce a distinct problem class of their own. I highly recommend reading through Paul’s writeup – it’s nice to be aware of the issues even if they’re not affecting you directly.

How “Export to Excel” Almost Killed Our System

By Haki Benita

Somewhat atypically for this blog, here’s an article on Python and Django. But come on, we’ve all been there – all the formats in the world, and the end-users want Excel! This time it was almost deadly (at least to the servers).

Your Docker build needs a smoke test

By Itamar Turner-Trauring

Dockerfiles are code, I think we can all agree on that. And we can probably agree, at least in theory, that you should test your code. But we very rarely test our Docker builds. Here’s Itamar with a bit more on the subject.

Lessons I’ve learned while writing and maintaining tests over years

By Alessandro Ferlin

We’re famously not fans of 100% test coverage, opting instead for exercising as much of the code as makes sense in multiple extreme ways. Here’s a neat addition to our knowledge utility belt.

7 Best Ruby Gems Most People Haven’t Heard About

By Jesus Castello

The best part about RubyGems is that there are so many. Also the worst part about RubyGems is that there are so many, and some actual diamonds in the rough get lost in the sands of time. Gemmological jokes aside, here’s a nice list of 7 hidden pearls.

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