Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. 6 things missing from Rails (14)

It can easily feel these days like Ruby on Rails, especially in it’s latest installment, has everything and the kitchen sink (I honestly wouldn’t be too surprised to find ActiveSupport::KitchenSink in there). Can there be anything missing? This and much more below.

Smooth Animations with React and Framer Motion

By Indrek Lasn

React has too much overhead to do animations with it… is the conventional wisdom. And it can easily be true: pumping out 60 FPS out of a pure React build is possible on only the beefiest of machines. But if you get clever with it, like Indrek did, sky’s the limit.

GraphQL on Rails: A Three-Part Guide

By Andy Barnov

Not that we’re hatin’ on good old REST, but as we move more and more of our organisation’s projects towards GraphQL APIs the benefits (especially the freedom the frontend peeps enjoy without waiting for the crusty backend rangers) are becoming more and more apparent. If you’re running a Ruby project you should definitely check out this comprehensive guide out.

A Secret Weapon for Startups – Functional Programming?

By Ramanan Raghavendran

Personally I’m of the opinion that functional programming is the way of the future, since that’s closer to the way actual humans think – in fact I’ve written about this on this very blog. Ramanan takes it a step further and discusses how FP can be the ace up the sleeve of your entire organization.

Autoscaling Kafka Streams Applications with Kubernetes

By Jaroslaw Kijanowski

Now here’s one for the devops amongst us. Kafka Streams are awesome if you need a high-throughput ingest, but there’s a good chance your workload fluctuates during the day. Given how easy it is to plop some Kubernetes on a public cloud these days, you’d be remiss in not seeing how autoscaling this load can work.

6 things missing from rails

By Kevin English

Like I said: it’s hard to believe that Rails doesn’t have everything already. But here are six very common patterns that are 100% missing from current Rails, and that you will probably end up dropping a gem in for or build yourself. It’s an enlightening read whether you know the patterns already or not, and as such this is our headliner for the week. Just read it already!

Bonus! Something lighter for the weekend? How about 5 ES2019 features you can use today!

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