Codest’s weekly report of best tech articles. A better React Native for Windows (5)

We have another portion of the best tech articles from last week. This time, you should pay attention especially on the article about “Microsoft launches React Native for Windows”. Don’t wait any more time and check, what we prepared for you. Have fun reading!

Microsoft launches React Native for Windows

By Frederic Lardinois

While the name might be a bit misleading – there was, in fact, a React Native for Windows previously – we now have a commitment from Microsoft themselves to build a version that performs as close to native as possible. And it’s MIT licensed to boot. We’re reaching isomorphism levels that shouldn’t even be possible!

Amazon S3 Path Deprecation Plan – The Rest of the Story

By Jeff Barr

A forum post informing dryly of this upcoming limitation has been going viral this week. It made enough buzz that Amazon’s Jeff Barr took to AWS’ blog to set the record straight. It’s a pretty important read if you’re using S3 in production (and who doesn’t, these days).

RubyKaigi and the Path to Ruby 3

By Shannon Skipper

A great summary of Matz’s talk on the future of Ruby at RubyKaigi in Japan. It’s dense – too dense, in fact, to summarize in two sentences – but well worth a read if you’re excited about Ruby!

Function Composition in Ruby

By Tom Wey

Function composition is a powerful concept – and it’s available in Ruby 2.6! If you’re into (or getting into) the functional side of the programming world, it’s a must-read. It’s a great tool to have in your belt!

Tracking queue metrics with Sidekiq

By Mário Nzualo

You track performance metrics about your web app (don’t you?), so why not track them about your queues as well? It’s rather important to know if e-mails to your users are backed up by an hour. See how in this article;.

Bonus! Did you know that SQL Server interprets dates as “YYYY-DD-MM”? Yep, you read that right.

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